Invitation To Build: Elsa’s Ice Palace

If you’ve hung around Left Brain Craft Brain much at all, you know I love combining engineering activities with other stuff like art and food.  Anything to keep it interesting.  Today’s combo is courtesy of my daughter… I had set up supplies to do the traditional sugar cube igloo building activity.  She walked over and immediately said “Let’s build Elsa’s Ice Palace!”  Because, Frozen, you know, is everything to a preschool aged girl these days.  So this post is all about how The Babe took my invitation, ran with it and made it even better :)  This post contains affiliate links.

Building Elsa's Ice Palace out of sugar cubes is a fun and imaginative way to learn STEM skills. It's a perfect activity for your preschool and elementary school aged architects!

Elsa’s Ice Palace Supplies Needed:

Elsa's Ice Palace Supplies

Building Elsa’s Ice Palace

There’s not a lot to this project, it’s more about open play.  So set up the supplies on a big tray and let them have at it.

dresses and dolls Left Brain Craft Brain 2


If they (you) want, you can glue the sugar cubes together as the palace is being built.  The Babe preferred to be able to repeatedly knock down the palace instead of using glue.  That’s why there are so few finished palace pics in this post.  It definitely became a game of “Knock it down before Mommy gets the picture taken!!!”

Building and Playing Elsa's Ice Palace Left Brain Craft BrainI loved seeing her creative wheels turning in this one.  Both figuring out the most stable way to build the structure and then the imaginative play with the dolls after it was built.

Sugar Cube Invitation to Build Elsa's Ice Palace Left Brain Craft Brain 2After a marathon building session (and maybe a few too many sugar cubes eaten) we decided to have family movie night with Frozen. And now I can’t seem to let the music go…

For other fun ways to encourage your little architects (and scientists and engineers…), check out the Left Brain Craft Brain STEM Pinterest board.

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