Shark Week Activities

10 Shark Week Activities Left Brain Craft BrainWe are beyond excited that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starts in a few days (on June 26th).  We have a bit of a shark obsession around our house.  Don’t believe me?  Check out The Hubby as a hammerhead shark for Halloween last year.  He’s 6’7″ and with the hammerhead over 7′!  Many of The Babe’s friends now ask if The Shark is coming over for a play date (all intrigued and a bit frightened!).

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Shark Science Speed Round:

Here are a few shark factoids to get you warmed up for Shark Week:

  1. Are they a fish or a mammal?  Sharks are cartilaginous fish and are in the same class as rays.
  2. Where do sharks live?  Sharks are found in all five oceans in the world.  Some sharks, like the bull shark, can live in either salt or fresh water.
  3. How long ago did sharks start living?  Paleontologists believe that sharks began living on earth around 450 million years ago (based upon shark scale and teeth fossils).  In comparison, fish began living around 510 million years ago and dinosaurs around 230 million years ago.
  4. How many teeth do great white sharks have?  Great whites have about 50 teeth in their mouths, but they tend to lose teeth very easily.  Luckily they have five extra rows of teeth waiting in their mouth to replace the lost or broken ones.  Some scientists estimate that a great white may have as many as 50,000 teeth in their lifetime.
  5. Are sharks dangerous to humans?  Records show that only 4 of the 470+ species of sharks have been involved in attacks on humans.  They are the great white, oceanic white tip, tiger and bull sharks.  Attacks when they do happen tend to be a case of mistaken identity.  Nope, Mr. Shark I’m not a seal!

Many thanks to Shark Savers for a lot of my shark education.

10 Shark Week Activities

Now for some fun shark week activities…

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  1. Play and learn with Feed the Shark Play Dough Geometry from me :)
  2. Set up a Feed the Shark Alphabet Game from Toddler Approved for the little ones.
  3. Play Shark Bingo from Deceptively Educational.
  4. Learn more shark facts like the one about whale sharks weighing up to 20,000 lbs. with Shark Week Fast Facts from 3 Boys and a Dog
  5. Make a No-Sew Shark Hoodie with this easy tutorial from Atkinson Drive.
  6. Make these super easy Shark Cupcakes from Kara’s Party Ideas with just some blue frosting and card stock.
  7. For something healthy, carve this Watermelon Shark from the National Watermelon Promotion Board.
  8. Do some Shark Nail Art, like these from Jaunty Juli.  She has a great video tutorial too.
  9. Count teeth with Paper Plate Shark Jaws from Dollar Store Crafts.
  10. Learn How to Draw a Shark from Andertoons.
  11. And a bonus new project this year… Make a Shark Tank Sensory Play Bag for no mess, creative fun.

For a few other shark themed things, check out these Shark Fin Ice Cube Trays and Shark Sleeping Bag {affiliate}.



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