Brain Food

I’m starting a new series of things that I’ve been loving lately.  It’s called Brain Food.  It’s all about things that my family and I have seen or done lately.  Things that give us a little kick of inspiration that our brains need so much. Depending upon the week, you’ll find stuff and activities for the kiddos, fun places to go, new tech, things to make the home a better place and maybe even a little bit of fashion & beauty.  And maybe if we’re lucky, it includes really fun things that we’ve been doing lately.  Call it inspiration for a more interesting life :)  This post contains affiliate links.

Brain Food is creative things, places and activities to keep you and your family's brains inspired.

  • Kick pretend play up a notch with these gorgeous Superhero capes and hats from Lovelane. {affiliate}
  • Have you seen the video yet?  I melted from the cuteness of Knut the Polar Bear’s baby half-brother.  You could throw a viewing party and nibble on these baby polar bear cupcakes from Bakerella.
  • The aquarium and the living roof at the California Academy of Sciences are some of our favorite places in the San Francisco area. Kids can go on a Junior Scientist Adventure by checking out their very own field scientist back pack and exploring the museum’s special exhibits.
  • Help kids (and you!) navigate their pressing questions about their body with this Lift-the-Flap Questions & Answers About Your Body Book.  Questions like how poop is made and what happens when they get a cut.  As you can imagine, my daughter makes me read and re-read the poop one over and over again :)  {affiliate}

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