Butterfly Catch Game and Birthday Party Ideas

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The Babe received a very sweet gift from some family friends: a butterfly net and bug jar.  Since we didn’t have much luck catching any real insects in it, I decided to make a quick game for her to play.  Here’s how to make a simple Butterfly Catch game plus read to the end for some fun Butterfly Party ideas.

Here’s what you need:

First, cut out your butterflies – I made 12, two of each color felt I had lying around.  To make a pattern, you can hand draw a butterfly outline onto a piece of thick paper.  Don’t try to be too fancy with the outline because it will make cutting the felt a lot harder.  After you cut out the pattern, pin onto the felt and cut around.  If you have a Cricut Explore {affiliate} you can just cut the felt on your machine.  Anyone else drooling over the new Cricuts?  Maybe Santa will bring me one this year…butterfly game activity steps left brain craft brain

Next, attach the Velcro:  Cut a small strip of the rough (hook) side of the fusible Velcro for each butterfly that you make.  Iron according to directions that come with the Velcro but be sure to use a pressing cloth or piece of fabric between the iron and the felt.  Poly felt will melt!  I know this from the first butterfly that I made.  Oops…

Finally, cut the baker’s twine and hang the butterflies.  Each piece should be as long as necessary to be low enough for your kiddos to reach the butterfly.  I made a big loop at the end so I could easily hang the strings over a tree and then remove them when we were done with the game.  To attach the butterflies, press the baker’s twine into the Velcro until secure.

butterfly catch activity game left brain craft brainAnd now play!  This would be fun as a blind-folded game to add a little more challenge for older kids.  Or just play on a windy day like we did.  It got really hard!  But the wind made for lots of giggling from The Babe :)

This would make a fun theme for a birthday party or fancy play date, too.   You’ve got To Play covered, now here are a few more butterfly things to experience:

I hope you have fun catching butterflies!  If you like this, check out the Left Brain Craft Brain Facebook page for other fun things to do.

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