Coding Contributor – Alan Carey El Cerrito

Technology is a big part of the STEM movement and valuable in children’s education. So I brought on a knowledgeable coding contributor to Left Brain Craft Brain, Alan Carey El Cerrito. He lives in the El Cerrito, California area with his family.

Alan Carey El Cerrito

I’m Alan Carey and I have always enjoyed learning how to break down challenges into manageable pieces that help people understand and work through a problem to a solution.

I started my journey as a Coder and eventually migrated to being a Data Architect working primarily on Big Data in industries such as Financial, Retail, Travel and Commercial Real Estate.

My favorite part of being a Data Architect is creating data models for people to rally around and move toward a good design.

I have used my past 20 years of experience to pioneer with new process and technology in the database field as well as having many successful deployments through the entire software development lifecycle.

I am always on the lookout for innovation in business and technology that help create more robust results.

I have recently been investigating Amazon Web Services (AWS) and looking into Hive and Redshift.  The Redshift database looks like a cloud based Teradata database engine.  I like how easy it is to setup a Hadoop cluster in AWS and include Presto, Hive and Spark as different SQL engines.  Also, I have been experimenting with file types such as orc and parquet as well as trying to determine how much of a performance impact is seen with using S3 as a external table.

Alan Carey El Cerrito

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