I am finally starting to write. Starting to write down all the things that run through my brain, in the shower and before I go to bed at night. And because being a stay at home mom takes up most (ha! all!) of my time these days, these thoughts are often about things to do with The Babe. And she is all about crafting.

She doesn’t fall far from her mama’s tree or her grandma’s tree or her great-grandma’s tree. All the ladies in this branch of my family have (or had) an artistic streak. Mine just got slightly diluted by a career as a chemical engineer. I’ve always had that split personality, a little bit logical and a little bit arty. Should I go into engineering or should I become a makeup artist? I did both because I couldn’t quite decide.

So Left Brain Craft Brain is born… A way to explore both sides of this mama’s brain. Hope you can join me on my journey of Engineered Craftiness, all because exploring the scientific method through art can make for the most fun.


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