Five Minute Craft: Magnet Painting

Magnet painting is science and art wrapped up in a colorful package.  And it’s a super simple set-up project too. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) at it’s easiest :) This post contains affiliate links.Magnet painting is science and art wrapped up in a colorful package. And it's a simple set-up project too. STEAM (Sci/Tech/Eng/Art/Math) at it's easiest.

 Magnet Painting Supplies Needed

For this project you’ll need a few items that you can easily pick up online or ask around the school to see if anyone has some magent wands you can borrow.

  • Magnet wand {affiliate}
  • Various metal items like ball bearings, springs & screws
  • Various non-metal items like marbles
  • Paper
  • Plastic tray or box (I used an old 9″ x 13″ food container)
  • Tempera paint
  • Cups or palette to dip the metal pieces in
  • Spoons to get the painted covered pieces into the tray

Magnet Painting Supples Left Brain Craft Brain

Magnet Painting How To

To begin painting, pour your paint into something deep enough to drop your metal pieces into.   I have this awesome cup palette {affiliate} but an egg carton works well too.  Then cut your paper to fit your tray and place a piece inside. Now it’s time to paint!  Dip a metal piece in paint and drop it into the tray.  Then take the magnet wand and move it around under the plastic tray as this keeps the metal pieces rolling smoothly.

Enjoying Magnet Painting Left Brain Craft Brain


Magnet Painting Left Brain Craft Brain FB4

See Magnet Painting in Action

We love this project so much that we whipped up a video for it!

Time for Experimentation

One of the best parts of this project is that kids can learn a little science while painting.  You can use all metal pieces or you can throw in some things that the magnet can’t move like glass marbles.  Even the all the metal pieces moved differently.  Some were too heavy and some like the metal bead chain stopped moving when they got covered in paint.  Our favorite were the springs because they rolled around and left cool stripes.

Spring Closeup Left Brain Craft Brain

More Five Minute Crafts

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Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math Fun for Kids

Looking for some more STEAM inspiration that you can use right now? Instant gratification style? Check out  STEAM Explorers!! The coolest new creative experience for kids is here! Think digital magazine meets online project portal in a safe, kid-friendly environment. (No more worrying about what might be hidden in that YouTube vid!) All engineer, teacher, and mom approved. And most definitely KID APPROVED!⁣

What’s included?⁣

  • Monthly digital magazine with cool themes that's fun to read
  • Hands-on, exciting projects the kids will love.⁣
  • Science, tech, engineering, art, and math learning YOU’LL love.⁣
  • Delicious recipes the kids can make.⁣
  • Fun printables and games⁣
  • Entertaining videos⁣

All packed up in an easy to do package, ready for kids ages 5-12 to have fun.


Painting Challenge

This magnet painting project was a part of an awesome painting series hosted by Messy Little Monster.  It has 31 days of different painting techniques perfect for inspiring creativity in your kids.

painting technique list

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  6. Such a fun idea! You could also add a writing component by having little ones use tweezers to get the objects out of the paint instead of the spoon. I will have to do this activity with my storytime friends soon!

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