Five Minute Crafts: Painting with Nature

painting with nature natural paintbrushesThe Babe had some friends over for a play date the other day.  We wanted to be outside because the weather was gorgeous and she always wants to paint.  So they whipped up some natural paintbrushes.

I gave each kid a tray and told them to pick a few things to paint with.  One note, be sure to tell them what’s off-limits if you don’t want them to pick your beloved heirloom dahlias to paint with.  They also grabbed a few sticks for paint handles.  Some things worked best when rubber banded to sticks, others worked better when taped to the stick to give them a little stiffness.  Other things like Phormium leaves and bottle brush shrubs (no big surprise on that one) worked best all by themselves, no sticks required.  This is all about experimenting and figuring out what you and the kiddos like best.natural paint brush leaf and stickThis activity was inspired by Learn Create Love.  Check out their pine bough Natural Paintbrushes, too.  Got lots of flowers?  Try flower stamping.  There’s also some other alternative paint brush ideas in the Left Brain Craft Brain Paint Pinterest Board.  I bet you have some of the supplies kicking around the house, ready to use.  Happy Painting!

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