Five Minute Crafts: Homemade Face Paint

The Babe adores anything even close to makeup, just like her mama. Grease paint is such a mess and I hear can be loaded with shady pigments and excess iron levels. So I decided to whip up a Makeup Artist set for her out of some more wholesome ingredients.


Homemade Face Paint
2 T cold cream
1 T flour or cornstarch
Gel food coloring (1 toothpick dip worked for this)

Mix ingredients together and paint away!  There are no preservatives in this, so I wouldn’t keep it more than a few days in the refrigerator.  Oh, and just like anything with food coloring, colors can stain a bit.  I found that if you don’t add too much color, there wasn’t any skin staining, just on my wash cloth.  Oops.  Good thing I didn’t like that one anyway.


Next time I think I’m going to whip up some homemade fruit and vegetable colors for this, but since after all, it’s Five Minute Crafts, I used what I had.  Speaking of using what you have, you can use lotion if you don’t have any cold cream.  Just adjust the flour/cornstarch amounts until you get something thick enough to paint with.

The Babe’s favorite part of all this? “You be the customer and I’ll be the artist!”




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