Valentine Sculpture for Kids

We like to do open-ended art projects at the Left Brain Craft Brain house.  We forage for art supplies from the shelves and see where they take us.  It’s kind of like an arty version of leftover stew some days…  And with some projects the results are magical, meaningful and fun.  This Free Form Valentine Sculpture was one of those projects.  This post contains affiliate links.

Help kids show their love with this free form Valentine sculpture. Styrofoam hearts, paint and decorative elements make for fun Valentine's Day process art.

Free Form Valentine sculpture Supplies

The heart of this project (pun intended) are the 3D styrofoam hearts that we used.  Sometimes, local craft stores have them, or you can buy a big bag of them on Amazon.  The foam block was helpful as a base for the Valentine sculpture and the skewers connected the pieces.  Everything beyond that is all about using what you have / want to make the sculpture interesting to create and look at.

Valentine Sculpture Supplies Left Brain Craft Brain 2Here’s what we used:

Creating the Valentine Sculpture

First, lay out all the supplies for the Valentine sculpture on a tray for your kiddo.  And then let them create and play.  This is about process art, so how they do it doesn’t really matter.  If you really want to step in with a few words of advice for them, let them know to poke the pipe cleaners and skewers in before they start painting.  Either that or be sure to choose washable paint.  And bring out the wipes.  Believe me (and my curtains), those hearts get slippery(!) once the paint gets on them.

Valentine sculpture from above Left Brain Craft Brain

What was most touching to me was watching The Babe do this project.  She started working with a lovely creative intensity, but then paused.  She said that she needed three styrofoam hearts to make the sculpture exactly right, but I had only put out two.  I asked “Why three?”  And she said “Because there are three of us.  You, Daddy and me. This is our love sculpture. Our family.”  Oh how I love my little girl and the family that she has made of us.  Blessed are we, a family of three…

Heart Sculpture Up Close Left Brain Craft Brain 2

More Valentine’s Day Project Inspiration

Need more ways for you or your children to show some love?  I’ve been gathering a bunch of Valentine’s Day ideas over on Pinterest.  Click on through to see which ones look right for you and the kiddos.

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Family of Three Hearts Left Brain Craft Brain

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