Fun and Easy Kids Crafts

It is so lovely to be here today and to share some of our favourite 5 Minute Crafts with you today! Over on Red Ted Art we are PASSIONATE about crafting.. and have a ton of Fun and Easy Kids Crafts for you to browse and be inspired by. However, we are also aware, that people don’t always have that much time to get crafty – to set up, create, tidy up. It is nice to be able to make something satisfying, well in just 5 minutes. Not too much fuss. Not too much mess.. but still lots of fun.. and ideally, educational too. So today, we have brought together some of our favourite STEAM Related 5 minute crafts (and maybe a couple of extra ones to tempt you). I hope you like them as much as we do! We particularly like DIY Paper Toys… and will start with those!

fun and easy kids crafts


Fun and Easy Kids Crafts – Fun with Paper

Paper is so inexpensive, “no mess” and surprisingly FUN to create with. Here are some fabulously quirky and quick Paper Toys you can make – perfect for STEAM exploration too!

Easy Paper Helicopters – these are so fun and so easy to make – use a variety of papers, vary the lengths and weights and see what happens.

Quick Circle Paper Planes fly surprisingly well! The kids will be surprised. But what happens when you change the circle’s dimensions? What about creating square or triangular shaped paper planes? Explore, have fun and discover.

Similarly, see how quick and easy it is to make these Flying Rings, then see whose will fly the furthest. They are great introduction to origami for beginners too!

We have always had a soft spot for these Paper Spinning Toys as they are quick to make and a great tool for exploring colour theory!

This is a super simple Paper Shooter Toy to make with the kids – one activity, 1000s of different designs you can turn them into. From Bees & Butterflies, to Rockets and flying ghosts at Halloween.

5 Minute Crafts – Satisfying Crafts

There are so many quick crafts I could tempt you with in this section and it was hard to pick just a quick handful.

First up we have these No Sew Pouches they are SO easy to make and perfect for storing your kids’ favourite collections – be it trinkets, marbles or of course their coins too.

Another lovely craft for the spring and summer season heading are our, are these Easy Paper Butterflies. A great little craft that will help develop those fine motor skills.

Finally.. we have what is almost a “magical” One Page Mini Book – these are super clever little paper books, that require NO GLUE to make. Once you have made them, decorate them to your hearts content. We turned ours into Emojis! So fun.

5 Minute Crafts for Wee Ones

And finally, if I can tempt you.. some great ideas for the little ones among us –

These Paper Plate Bunny again, are quick and easy to make and they are so FUN, because they ROCK! Make and play!

We love these Doodle Owls as they are a great way to give kids confidence to draw. Make one, make 100s. Mistakes don’t matter, because you can just make more!

Similarly the kids will love these super simple Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Gift Boxes. A quick 5 minute craft that is handy for Easter too!

Almost at an end now.. and we have a fantastic DIY Snow Recipe – well officially this is DIY Snow… but some people call it “clean mud” and it is quick and easy to make and it is a wonderful sensory experience for younger kids. See the ingredients come together and turn into this wonderful play material.

And last but by no means least.. an all year favourite in our house – make your own Easy Bubble Recipe – it is as always SO SO SO quick and easy to make and you can have hours of fun. Our post includes not just the mixture, but also some quick DIY bubble wands – both small or “giant”. Quick, easy. Fun.


More Quick and Easy Red Ted Art Crafts

For more crafting fun, be sure to check out Red Ted Art on YouTube – fab craft videos for Teens and Tweens. Or check out the hundreds of other amazing projects she has on her site.

Or check out the Left Brain Craft Brain section filled with Five Minute Crafts.

fun and easy kids crafts

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