Halloween Science Spooky Fun for Kids

Halloween is pretty much the coolest time of year to learn science. I mean, when else can you throw a party where the biggest wow factor happens because of chemistry or physics? Because that’s exactly what happens when you make things glow in the dark, change color, and make scary sounds! Here are some of my favorite Halloween science activities for fun at home or in the classroom. This post contains affiliate links.

Have fun with Halloween Science projects by making things glow in the dark, change color, and make scary sounds!

Have fun with Halloween Science projects by making things glow in the dark, change color, and make scary sounds!

The Screaming Cup

This spooky cup is great for Halloween night entertainment or perfect for creepy sounds as guests arrive to your Halloween science party. You’ll have to judge the age of your little monsters for this one. It’s SUPER easy to put together and will last for years to come. Just add more rosin to your string.


Use the screaming cup to talk about vibrations. Try making a variation with different size cups and different size strings to see what makes the spookies sound! Your preschoolers will love this one. Expect to have to set a time limit on how many screams come from this fun experiment!

Glow In The Dark Jack-o’-Lantern

Making a Jack-o’-lantern is a tradition on our house. We make it a family night event and have a blast getting our hands dirty. I’m also a huge fan of all things glow in the dark. Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with glow in the dark powder! This year we are going to make our Jack-o-Lanterns glow in the dark for a fun Halloween science party experience.


Halloween Candy Science Kit

There’s always so much candy around this month. Put some of it to good use with these fun Halloween Candy Science Experiments.


Edible Slime

Would you eat slime? Dare the kids too with this great edible slime recipe. There are step-by-step instructions to make your own edible slime with a couple easy steps.When you make your slime, talk with the kids about chemistry while they mix up their own as a fun Halloween science party game! You can make slime in any color and serve as a sweet treat!

Or add Vampire Slime to your Halloween decor. This is NOT edible slime, but it’s just too awesome to leave out!


Oozing Pumpkins

Have you seen the Jack-o’-lanterns that look like they are being sick? Step aside sickly pumpkin. Make your own oozing pumpkin with household items!


Have the kids mix dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to make a silly Jack-o’-lantern decoration your kids are going to LOVE. This is a great experiment to talk about catalysts and wow the neighbor kids with this simple mixture.

Boo Bubbles

These are AWESOME! Boo Bubbles are made with dry ice and they are perfect for adult or kid parties.


Dry ice has so many interesting science properties like sublimation as dry ice turns from a solid directly into a gas. Talk about fog and how bubbles form while kids hold their very own boo bubble!

Color-Changing Worms

We’re a huge fan of color-changing stuff around here. Wow-inspiring projects ike Color Changing Slime or Color Changing Lemonade  are perfect for a spooky science lesson.


And you can do it with worms, too. Wow your Halloween science party guests with the magic of polymers! These Insta-Worms are colorful and mesmerizing. Add them to your touch table with beautiful magenta and blue. Learn more about the difference in thermochromic materials and dyes while transferring color-changing worms from warm to cold water. These are great for your Halloween themed sensory bin too!

Halloween Science – Food

Don’t forget the food for your Halloween science gathering… Try this fun Mad Scientist Ice Cream Lab or maybe some Rice Krispy Treat Brains!

Test Tube Topping Station

More Halloween Science Fun!

Can’t get enough Halloween science? Get our 31 Days of Halloween STEAM Challenge Cards or pick up a copy of STEAM Kids Halloween, our latest book filled with hands-on spooky fun like milk jug skeletons, glow in the dark density towers and more!



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