Math Facts Building Cards

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Math… For some kids, it can get boring or even hard. But it definitely doesn’t have to be either! So I’m always looking for cool new tricks to make math facts practice more hands-on. And more sticky. Enter in these fun to learn and fun to build Math Facts Building Cards! They’re a great way to plus up that math facts worksheet.

Upgrade your next math worksheet with some hands-on fun! Kids will love these math facts building cards which add some engineering to their next math session. STEM makes learning more fun.

Upgrade your next math worksheet with some hands-on fun! Kids will love these math facts building cards which add some engineering to their next math session. STEM makes learning more fun.

Math Practice Building Cards Supplies Needed

You don’t need a ton of supplies to make these building cards. Just some paper, my template, and your Cricut! The Cricut Maker (and Explore, too) has a great feature called Print then Cut. It allows you to print a design and then cut exactly what you need. In this case, we’re printing out our math equations and then cutting out the building card shapes. And we’re using card stock to give them some weight, but Cricut’s Print then Cut can work on so many different materials! Like sticker paper and printable vinyl.

Download the Math Facts Building Cards

How to Make the Math Practice Building Cards

Here are the instructions to make these cool math facts building cards with your Cricut. If you don’t have one of these cutting machines, be sure to download the template because the non-machine instructions are inside.

  1. First download the helpful template. ( You can download it HERE.)

Download the Math Facts Building Cards

  1. Go over to Cricut Design Space.
  2. Upload the Building Card Frame svg file as a Cut file. Then upload the 3 pages of Single Digit Addition Practice as Print then Cut files, Complex style.

  1. Insert the Building Card Frame into your file and resize to 6.75″ to make it work with Print then Cut.

  1. Insert the first page of Single Digit Addition and resize to 6.7″. Then center align horizontally and vertically to the first building card frame.

  1. Click Attach the frame and the equations.

  1. Repeat steps 4-7 with the other pages of equations and frames.
  2. Now, click MAKE.
  3. Load your cardstock into your printer and hit Print. Then follow the instructions on screen to make the cuts in the Cricut.

Just peel the finished cards off the mat and you’re ready to play and learn! Didn’t Cricut’s Print Then Cut make it so easy?

How to Use the Math Building Cards

This is where math gets fun and hands-on! Have the kiddos grab a card and figure out the answer. They can write the answer down on the included worksheet as well. Then they can start building! Simply insert one card into another at the slots in the sides. The skies the limit with these! This first set is all about Addition Without Regrouping, but multiplication, division, subtraction, and regrouping are coming soon, too.

How to Make the Math Building Cards Last Longer

So I’m guessing that you might want to use these cards more than a few times. So guess what? You can laminate these cards!! You just need to rearrange the steps a little.

  1. Follow steps 1-7 above. Before you hit Make, in your Layers panel in Cricut Design Space, find the layers called Building Card Cut Frames. Click the little eyeball next to all of those and this will remove the cuts for the slots.
  2. Arrange cut cards in a 5 ml laminating pouch and laminate according to your machine’s directions.
  3. Cut out individual cards and round the corners.
  4. Cut two slots per long edge and one slot per short edge just like in the template.

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More Math Practice Building Cards Coming Soon

I’m making a ton of different math practice building cards filled with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear when new cards launch!

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