Pour Painted Rock Garden Markers DIY Project

Keep track of what you’re growing with a fun art project for your garden! These pour painted rocks garden markers are a gorgeous way to add a pop of color and creativity in your veggie bed. Simply layer paint in a cup, pour, and then label them with whatever you’re growing and you have a perfect gift for the gardener in your life. This project is a sneak peek into our STEAM Explorers Garden Ebook!

Keep track of what you plant with a fun art project! These diy pour painted rock garden markers add colorful creativity to your garden.
Keep track of what you plant with a fun art project! These diy pour painted rock garden markers add colorful creativity to your garden.

What is Pour Painting?

Pour painting is an amazing type of process art where you pour paint of different colors onto your art surface. First, you layer different colors of paint in a cup, a little bit at a time, without mixing. Then you slowly pour the paint over the art surfact. The gorgeous swirled patterns on these garden markers and other pour painted projects happens because of gravity! Gravity is a force that attracts a body towards the center of the Earth. Gravity pulls the paint towards the rock and the colors swirl as they hit the surface.

Check out some of our painted rock garden markers!

We’ve got a brand new garden this year… We tried these garden grow bags and it’s the best garden we’ve had yet. We’ve been able to keep the animals away and our tomatoes and snap peas are growing tall. If only our strawberry plants put out more than a few berries… The rocks have come in handy right now as the plants are little and it’s not as obvious what they are. Check out how we’re showcasing what’s growing.

red, green, and yellow painted rocks in soil tomatoes and parsley pour painted rock garden markers
orange and white painted rocks in soil carrots and onions pour painted rock garden markers
green and blue and yellow painted rock in soil basil pour painted rock garden markers

Pour Painted Rock Garden Markers Supplies Needed

For these rocks you’ll need some acrylic or tempera paint and some smooth rocks. Don’t use washable paint for these because they’re going to be hanging out in the garden. You’ll also want some trays and wire racks to contain the mess.

pour painted rock garden markers supplies rocks paint soap tray rack jars paint pens

How to Prepare the Paint for Pour Painted Rocks

  1. Make a mixture of 2 cups water and 3 drops of dishsoap.
  2. In a separate cup for each color, pour about 1/4 cup of paint. Add some of the water/soap mixture, 1 tablespoon at a time and stir. Keep adding the water/soap mixture until the paint is approximately the consistency of cream.
bottles of paint and jars of paint with popsicle sticks

Pour Paint the Rocks

Pouring the paint onto the rocks is definitely the most fun part of this process. You never know what kind of swirly pattern you will get! Check out some of our pours in the video below.

  1. Grab another cup and alternate small amounts of each desired color until the cup is about 1/4 full. (Do not mix!). You’ll definitely want to try a bunch of color combinations. You can think about what you’re growing this year and make the colors to match. Or go for wild rainbows or any color combinations you like.
jars of different colors of paint one has rings of orange green white and yellow
  1. Place your rocks on a wire rack over a tray (this gets messy!).
rocks on wire rack on tray in front of jars with different colors of paint in rainbow
  1. Pour paint over top of the rocks. Here are a few of our favorites.
4 swirled pour painted rock garden markers one yellow and green, one blue and green, one white, blue, red, purple, one white, red and green
  1. Let the rocks dry before moving them off the tray (approximately 12 hours or overnight).
pour painted garden rocks on wire rocks on trays with jars of paint

Label and Seal the Pour Painted Rock Garden Markers

  1. Once the paint is dry, label each rock with the plant you are growing. Paint markers work well but if you don’t have those, you can label them with a small paintbrush and non-diluted paint.
carrots and basil rocks with sharpie paint markers
  1. Let the labels dry completely and then seal with spray or brush-on sealant.
lots of labeled pour painted rock garden markers with paint pens

Bonus Project: Pour Painted Art

Pour any extra paint into a single cup and pour onto a canvas or piece of cardboard. Tilt to spread the paint and cover the surface.

swirled paint on canvas in greens and reds

More Garden Fun for Families

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