Prism Play and Chalk Art

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prism play and chalk art craft left brain craft brain

The Babe was given a prism as a very cool party favor the other day.  I’ve been itching to do some light science and art with her so this gave me the perfect set up for a Five Minute Craft.

What is a Prism and How Does it Make a Rainbow?

A prism is a piece of transparent material with flat polished surfaces that refracts, or bends, light. The speed of light changes as it passes from from the air through the prism, causing the light to refract.  Each wavelength of light travels at different speed through the prism causing them to bend at a different angle.  This separates the light into a full spectrum of color.

Prism Play and Chalk Art

Rain drops are nature’s prisms and make beautiful rainbow art in the sky.  So can your kiddos with a few simple things:  black paper, flashlight, chalk and a prism {affiliate}.

I set up some black paper in a mostly dark room and placed the prism on top.  First The Babe had fun exploring different patterns the prism made depending upon how the flashlight was held.  I was surprised to see so many different patterns, too.

prism patterns left brain craft brain

Then we got out the chalk and began tracing the light patterns on the paper.  I just love how chalk looks on black paper!

prism chalk art left brain craft brain

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