Frozen Inspired Science Birthday Party Favors

We just had a really fun Frozen birthday party for my 4 year old daughter.  Lots of her closest friends running around the house playing and singing Let it Go.  So to thank them for coming, we gave them some Frozen birthday party favors… but we had to put a little science twist on them.  I hope your party guests enjoy these Frozen Inspired Science Party Favors where they can make it snow with their very own crystal snowflake.  This post contains affiliate links.

Looking for ideas for Frozen Birthday Party Favors? Put a science twist on them with these crystal snowflake kit favors. Use science to make snow like Elsa!

Frozen Science Crystal Snowflake Party Favors

I thought it would be fun for the kids to be able to have a little bit of their own Elsa magic.  A little magic to make some snow or ice…  And there’s no better magic than science so we handed out kits so each kiddo could make a Borax crystal snowflake.  Borax is a laundry detergent booster made out of the chemical sodium tetraborate.  When you dissolve it in water and let it dry, it forms amazing crystals.

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Frozen Birthday Party Favors Supplies Needed:

For optional snowflake hang tag:

  • coffee filters
  • food coloring or liquid water colors

To assemble the Frozen Science Favors:

Frozen Science Party Favor supplies Left Brain Craft Brain

  1. Make the Borax bags:  Fill a zipper bag with 4 tablespoons Borax and close tightly.
  2. Cut pipe cleaners: Cut a pipe cleaner in quarters.  These are the short pieces that make up the snowflake. Cut a pipe cleaner in half.  These are the hangers for the snowflake.  Cut desired amount of both sizes for your favors.
  3. Cut straws: Each favor needs 1/2 straw, so cut desired quantity into half.
  4. Make snowflake hang tags:  To make snowflakes we did some color art on coffee filters.
    • Color coffee filters by painting with diluted food coloring or liquid water colors.
    • Once dry, fold each coffee filter in quarters and cut out a circle shape.
    • Fold each circle in eighths and cut like a standard paper snowflake.
  5. Fill and tie bags:  Fill each bag with 1/2 straw, 3 short pipe cleaners, 1 long pipe cleaner, 1 Borax bag and 1 set of instructions.  Tie the bag with an 8″ piece of ribbon and one coffee filter snowflake.

Frozen Science Party Favor closeup Left Brain Craft Brain

Frozen Science Favor Bowl Left Brain Craft Brain

To make your own crystal snowflakes:

  1. Make the pipe cleaner snowflake: Grab three short pieces of pipe cleaner for the snow flake. Take two and twist them together at the middle.  Lay another one over the middle and twist again.
  2. Add the snowflake hanger: Take the last piece of pipe cleaner by the very tip and twist onto the center of the snowflake. This serves as the hanger.  Then wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the straw.
  3. Make the Borax solution: Grab a drinking glass and pour the baggie full of Borax into the glass.  Put a metal spoon in it and add one cup of boiling water.  (Be sure to put the spoon in before the water, as this prevents the glass from getting overheated.)  Mix the solution until dissolved.  Don’t worry, there may be a little that settles to the bottom.
  4. Let it grow: Drop the pipe cleaner snowflake into the solution and rest straw over the top of the glass.  The snowflake should be fully submerged and you can adjust the hanger length as necessary.  It will take 1-2 days to fully grow your snowflake.

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Frozen Science Snowflake Directions Printable

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