Shopkins Surprise Eggs Science Activity

Has Shopkins fever hit your house? It’s HOT! around here. When I asked my daughter what her three favorite things are, she said Shopkins, surprise egg videos and science. Probably in that order. And she came up with a way to do all three all at once with this Shopkins Surprise Eggs Science Activity.  Simply hide each Shopkin in an easy to make egg, react and reveal. They’ll make perfect surprise Easter eggs for your Shopkin fan’s Easter basket or birthday party. This post contains affiliate links.

These Shopkins Surprise Eggs combine kids' favorite characters with a fun and foaming science experiment. Perfect for Easter or birthday parties.

Surprise Eggs Videos

Just in case you’re not familiar with them, I thought I’d introduce you to surprise egg videos. When I broke my wrist about a month ago, my screen time standards for my daughter went downhill a little and she found these gems on YouTube. Basically, people put little toys like Shopkins inside Easter eggs and open them up on video. Sometimes they make the eggs out of play dough. Sometimes they bring in their impossibly cute puppies into the mix. Ask your kids, I’m guessing that they’ve heard of them.

Anyway… My girl looooves these, but I wanted to add a little more meat to the exercise than just opening toys. So we added science. In cool foaming, fizzing secret reveal eggs.

Shopkins Surprise Eggs Science Supplies Needed

Makes 8-10 surprise eggs.

Make Shopkins Surprise Eggs Collage2 Left Brain Craft Brain

  1. Make your baking soda mixture by adding 1 T liquid watercolor to two cups of baking soda. (Or use food coloring if that’s what you’ve got on hand.) Mix well with a whisk until the color is fairly well distributed.  Then add water a bit at a time until the mixture can be molded.  Don’t worry if you don’t add all of the water.
  2. Grab one of your Shopkins and about a quarter cup of the baking soda mixture.  Hide the toy inside the mixture and form into an egg shape.  Place on a cookie sheet covered in parchment or aluminum foil and set aside.  Repeat with remaining Shopkins.
  3. Once the eggs dry, place each into a fillable Easter egg, perfect for surprises :) The eggs will be dry in about 24 hours, but good luck getting the kids to wait that long :) You can put them in a 200 ºF oven for 15 minutes or so to speed up the process.

Shopkins Surprise Eggs Science Fun

All you need to have some amazing science fun this Easter is one of these eggs, a little vinegar and dish soap.  I squirted some soap in the bottom of the tray and then placed the eggs in it.  Squeeze bottles, disposable pipettes {affiliate}  and pitchers work great for the vinegar.  As for the fun, I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

Broken Shopkins Egg Closeup Left Brain Craft Brain

I’m not sure Ice Cream Queen ever expected to be swimming in a pool of vinegar, but my daughter sure had fun with it! And don’t worry, all the Shopkins we put into the eggs came out completely fine. Just a little cleaner.

Ice Cream Queen in Baking Soda Left Brain Craft Brain

The Shopkins Scientist at work… Stay tuned because this scientist wants to be a YouTube surprise egg star and we’re working on her first video :)

Shopkins Scientist at Work 2 Left Brain Craft Brain

A note about the gloves…  This project doesn’t require them, but my daughter has eczema and any little thing can aggravate them. Plus she loves wearing them! We bought these gloves in size XS {affiliate} for her pet vet themed birthday party and they fit perfectly on 4 & 5 year olds.

Perfect Party Favors

These make great birthday or Easter party favors, too.  Pop them in a little basket or tie them up in a clear cellophane bag into a pretty package.  Your guests can add their own vinegar, or you can give them a little bottle too.

More Science Fun

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These Shopkins Surprise Eggs combine kids' favorite characters with a fun and foaming science experiment. Perfect for Easter or birthday parties.

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