Seed Bombs and Flower Pots

see bombs and flower pots cover

It’s springtime and we were feeling the urge to plant something.  We’re a bit of a black thumb family – most things we plant die or never even grow.  I’m trying to do a lot more from seed these days because those little packets are a lot cheaper than buying plants.  And if they’re gonna die anyway….

First we decorated some pots.  You’ll notice that they’re the kind that plants come in from the nursery.  We have many kicking around (see paragraph above), but some nurseries in our area give old pots away.  Check with your neighborhood spot, (not Home Depot, they don’t), etc. to see if they do the same.  The Babe and her friends used my fave washi tape and added some flair.  Then they made clothes pin butterflies out of paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners to clip onto the pot.  Maybe it’ll bring over some cross-pollinating friends once the flowers bloom.

butterfly flower potsMaking seed bombs is super easy.  Mix, shape into a ball, let dry for a few days and then throw.  Or like we’ve done, plant them in a pot.  Here’s the mixture we used for each ball:

seed bomb recipe

Seed Bomb Supplies Needed

1-2 tablespoons terracotta air dry clay {affiliate}

1 teaspoon plant food {affiliate}

10-20 seeds

seed bomb flower pot

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