Summer Reading: 4 Ways to Make it Easy for Kids

Summer…  The time for freedom and play and sunshine.  Oh and summer reading goals.  Make it easier for kids with these 4 tips and tricks that make it more fun.

Summer Reading LBCB 600

1. Make it feel manageable.

Summer reading can be intimidating when sunny summer day fun calls. But research has shown that the biggest indicator of summer learning loss is whether or not kids have been reading all summer.  So break long lists into more manageable chunks and spend just 20 minutes a day keeping their minds fresh.  And to keep everyone accountable because 20 minutes can become 10 minutes, 5 minutes or zero minutes on busy summer days, here’s a Summer Reading Log Printable for you.  Simply check off (or use some stickers) for every day of reading.

Summer Reading Log LBCB

2. Make it a family affair.

The family that reads together, stays together.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  But really, use your 20+ minutes a day for some family bonding time.  There’s nothing my daughter loves more than snuggling on the couch reading.  Even if you are reading different stuff, it still counts if you’re hanging out together :)

3. Try Disney Story Central.

I’m a firm believer in technology.  Especially technology that helps kids learn.  One of my favorite digital learning tools is Disney Story Central.  It’s a great app filled with books about all of your kiddo’s favorite Disney characters, from movies, TV or even Disneyland or Disney World.

Disney Story Central Screenshot 2

What’s been a huge help is the newest monthly subscription feature.  My daughter is “reading” (she’s only 4…) way more books than I can manage to check out at the library or can afford at the store.  So digital media is the way to go and the subscription allows for unlimited books per month.  And there are a lot of books, so I think she’ll be happy for a while!  Not a fan of subscriptions?  You can buy individual book tokens, too.

Reading Disney Story Central

4. Make it Fun.

I find that alternating between reading and hands-on activities makes reading more fun for my daughter.  And that makes her want to go back for more.  So we do some fun projects that tie-in with her favorite stories.

Are Elsa or Anna their favorite?  Disney Story Central has a bunch of FROZEN books (they’re on constant repeat for my daughter).  Then have fun building Elsa’s ice palacemaking some glittery FROZEN slime or growing Elsa’s tiara out of crystals.

Elsa Crystal Crown Left Brain Craft Brain

Or maybe their favorite is Baymax from Big Hero 6.  Read through a few stories that inspire kids to think differently and then try this Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge.  It’s a fun spin on the classic egg drop experiment.

Testing Baymax Left Brain Craft Brain

Tell me, what’s your favorite way to help your kids successfully meet their summer reading goals?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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