Superhero STEAM Challenges for Kids

It’s time to break out your superpowers! The world is giving us an epic battle, but you can keep going with some fun activities for kids. STEAM activities, that is. Because activities filled with science, technology, engineering, art and math get kids builing brain power AND having fun. Especially when they can pretend to be their favorite superheroes, too. And to make it easy for you we made these FREE printable Superhero STEAM Challenge Cards. There’s two week’s worth activities in these free printable cards, most that only need basic supplies you already have on hand.

Download the Superhero STEAM Challenges for Kids

There are so many cool ways to incorporate your kid’s favorite characters into learning. Our favorite superhero STEM activities start with these Superhero STEAM Challenge Cards. Kids can grow kryptonite crystals, build an Arc Reactor or Gotham City, or test their superhero speed. Download the free printable cards to get your superhero STEM on!!

More Superhero STEM and Superhero STEAM Activities for Kids

I also want to share the brand new month of STEAM Explorers. It’s all about Superheroes! And if there was ever a month we need to have superheroes in our lives this is definitely it. We’re exploring STEAM with superpowers, gadgets, epic battles, and super stories. The issue is packed with easy-to-follow instructions, real science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning, and everything else you need to make STEAM a success with your kids. And as always, it’s packed with printables to make your days even easier, too. 

Kids will love creating their own comic book, showing off their light-up superpower ring, blasting rockets, making Gotham art, and so much more.


What’s included in a STEAM Explorers subscription?⁣

  • Monthly digital magazine with cool themes that’s fun to read
  • Hands-on, exciting projects the kids will love.⁣
  • Science, tech, engineering, art, and math learning YOU’LL love.⁣
  • Delicious recipes the kids can make.⁣
  • Fun printables and games⁣

All packed up in an easy to do package, ready for kids ages 5-12 to have fun. SAVE 25% OFF OUR NORMAL SUBSCRIPTION PRICE WITH THE CODE SUPERHERO!

Plus, If you join this month, you’ll get our very special Everyday Superheroes ebook as a bonus. We’re celebrating the people saving us right now through hands-on STEAM activities, printables, recipes, and more. Heroes like healthcare workers, supply chain workers, police, our family and more. Kids will love building a working lung model, extracting DNA, exploring sirens through art, doing STEAM challenges, and so much more. There’s even a template for writing a letter to a hero in your life.


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