Superhero STEAM Challenges for Kids

It’s time to break out your superpowers! The world is giving us an epic battle, but you can keep going with some fun activities for kids. STEAM activities, that is. Because activities filled with science, technology, engineering, art, and math get kids building brainpower AND having fun. Especially when they can pretend to be their favorite superheroes, too. And to make it easy for you we made these FREE printable Superhero STEAM Challenge Cards. There is two weeks’ worth of activities in these free printable cards, most that only need basic supplies you already have on hand.

Get the Superhero STEAM Challenges for Kids

There are so many cool ways to incorporate your kid’s favorite characters into learning. Our favorite superhero STEM activities start with these Superhero STEAM Challenge Cards. Kids can grow kryptonite crystals, build an Arc Reactor or Gotham City, or test their superhero speed. To have the printable cards emailed to you, simply fill out the form below.

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More Superhero STEM and Superhero STEAM Activities for Kids

Love superheroes? Make activity planning easy with a made-for-you activity pack! Inside the STEAM Explorers Superheroes Ebook, we're exploring STEAM with superpowers, gadgets, epic battles, and super stories. The ebook is packed with easy-to-follow instructions, real science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning, and everything else you need to make STEAM a success with your kids. And as always, it's packed with printables to make your days even easier, too. 

Kids will love creating their own comic book, showing off their light-up superpower ring, blasting rockets, making Gotham art, and so much more.




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