Tissue Paper Sensory Art

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Today is a day for some sensory art.  It’s been one of those days.  You know the ones where the crying starts at sun break and just keeps on going?  Then come the boo boos and the tantrums and the refused naps.  What do you do?  Bring out some sensory play.  Feed their senses and hope they can self-regulate through all that emotional turmoil during the day.  She was so hyped up it wasn’t a day for mess, so out came the tissue paper sensory art.

Sensory Art Supplies

All you need is some tissue paper, a small paint brush and a Styrofoam block (you can buy them at craft stores or here {affiliate}). Break the styrofoam block into a small piece, approximately 4-5″ square and save the rest for another project.  Then, cut or tear the tissue paper into 1-2″ squares.

tissue paper sensory art supplies left brain craft brain

The Sensory Experience

Then let the sensory experience begin…  Place a piece of tissue paper on the styrofoam and push in with the plastic end of the paint brush.  It gives a satisfying crunch sound and an interesting pop feel in the hand.  And it’s very relaxing…  It soothed The Babe and it soothed me, too.  I picked up the styrofoam and poked away while she had her 80th tantrum of the day…

tissue paper punching left brain craft brain

And before long, you have a beautifully lush piece of tissue paper art!

tissue paper sensory art finished left brain craft brain

Need some other sensory play ideas?  Follow us on Pinterest and check out our Sensory and Play Dough, Goop and Slime Pinterest boards.


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  1. I’m going to try to draw a picture on the styrofoam for my kindergartner to make it a little more challenging. Thanks for this great idea. I also have a large piece of styrofoam and was looking for a use!!!

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