STEAM Camp: How to Make a CD Case Travel Geoboard

At preschool the other day, the teachers got out the most awesome geoboard.  It’s clear.  I’ve always loved clear things like glass and acrylic and am kind of obsessed with the board, so I set out to make my daughter her very own. One that’s sized for the road and made from something I have a closet full of.  CD jewel cases.  Spend a few minutes with a hot glue gun and you’ll have a great math and fine motor learning toy ready for your kiddos.

Make this travel geoboard out of an old CD case for fun STEM learning on the road.

Clear Travel Geoboard Supplies Needed

Travel Geoboard Supplies LBCB

Make the Travel Geoboard

  1. Print out the Travel Geoboard Printable and cut around the outer black line.

Geoboard Template LBCB

  1. Insert the printable where the CD insert would go.  Then using a permanent marker, make a dot on the plastic CD cover at each of the dots on the template.  Remove the template.

Dot template LBCB

  1. Heat up the glue gun for 10 minutes.  I used a dual temp glue gun at the high setting, but you could try a low temp glue gun and see if it works.  Open CD case and gently press tip of glue gun into one of the dots on the cover.  Slowly push the tip through the plastic as it starts to melt.  Go slow or the plastic can crack.  Once you push all the way through, take the tip out and push it through the other side.  You want a clean hole that is just the size of the screw posts.  Repeat for all of the holes.

Melt Holes in Geoboard LBCB

  1. Insert the male end of the screw post into the back side of the hole.  Just like with the glue gun, press gently.  If it doesn’t go in easily, grab the glue gun and make the hole a tough bigger.  Then screw on the female side of the post.  Repeat with the other posts.

Screw Posts GEoboard LBCB

  1. Play!  Learn!  Simply get out the rubber bands and let the kids at it.  Or travel!  You can store the rubber bands inside the CD case.

Clear Travel Geoboard Left Brain Craft Brain

You can print out some extra templates and have the kids take their colors to them.  (My 7th grade social studies teacher always used to tell us to bring our colors when it was map coloring day and the phrase just kind of stuck.) Then they can match the design on their board.  Be sure to limit their color option to the actual colors of rubber bands you have.  I had her grab her own and it made for a very frustrating geoboard session.

Travel Geoboard with Color Template LBCB

Travel Learning Fun

This has become our go-to travel item.  Car rides, the doctor’s office, restaurants.  It’s entertained my daughter everywhere with some secret fine motor and math learning.

Car Geoboard LBCB

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Portable STEM Learning collage LBCB

Summer Learning Made Fun

Summer STEAM Camp

Summer doesn’t have to mean that learning takes a vacation.  So I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers who all love STEAM. Because learning with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math gives kids the power to do almost anything they can dream up. And these projects show that you don’t have to give up summer fun for a little bit of learning.  This week’s topic is all about things you can FEEL.

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And be sure to follow along for the next three weeks while we Smell, Taste and Hear STEAM.  Want to be the first to hear how Left Brain Craft Brain Smells STEAM (hint, it’s fruitylicious)?  Sign up for our newsletter.


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