5 Things Playing Superheroes Teaches Our Daughters

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“Help!  I’m in trouble!  Come save me!”  These are words you hear in my house a lot.  But for a very good reason.  We’re playing superheroes.  Why? Because my daughter loves saving the day.  And because I love all the things she can learn from it.

Playing superheroes teaches our kids that they can save the world. It's pretend play that makes a difference.

1.  She is Strong

My daughter’s favorite phrase these days is Little People Can Do Big Things.  And it’s totally true. Maybe because I’m a bit of an overprotective mom, but I always seem to be noticing that she can do things before I ever thought she could. Beacuse she is strong. And when she plays superhero, there’s never a doubt that she is strong.

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2.  She is Smart.

It’s never easy saving the world.   You’ve got to be smart to defeat the bad guys. And every superhero’s ideas make a difference.  I never want my daughter to doubt that she has the intelligence that she needs to succeed in life, so we’ll keep playing superheroes to help her realize that her ideas make a difference too.

3.  She Can Help People.

There is no better goal in life than to help people… that’s the life’s work for every superhero.  And when she pretends to save her friends in an active game of superhero, she’s practicing empathy, compassion and caring.

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4.  Diversity is Good.

Have you ever noticed that superheroes never have exactly the same powers?  Hulk and Captain America both have super strength, but they use it completely differently.  Because it takes all kinds of powers and all kinds of people to make the world a better place.  I hope that my daughter sees what people with different backgrounds and different talents and different ideas can do when they put their ideas together.

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5.  She Can Save the World

Using all of her strengths, mental and physical, my daughter can help save the world.  Her world is small now, so saving it may mean being a good friend or family member.  But today’s saving the world sets the stage for saving her bigger world later.

Playing Superheroes for Real

Sometimes pretend play gets even better with the right costume.  So we went to Walmart to pick up some new superhero tools from MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  It’s coming into theaters soon and we’ll be ready for our next saving the world story line with a new Captain America shield and an awesome Thor helmet and hammer.

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Kid Superhero Activities

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