Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge

CB Big Hero 6 disclosureWe are sooo excited around here.  Big Hero 6 just came out on DVD.  The Babe doesn’t sit through movie theater movies yet, so we were patiently waiting for the DVD.  Because it’s about robots.  And brilliant kid inventors.  And saving the world.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  And we made it a fun learning experience too with a Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge. #BigHero6Release #CollectiveBias

Your kids can become inventors and engineers, just like Hiro in Big Hero 6, by designing armor for Baymax. It's a fun STEM / STEAM engineering challenge.

Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge

This project is all about thinking like an engineer.  Design, test, learn, repeat.  Kids can make Baymax’s armor, just like Hiro Hamada does in Big Hero 6.  And then test it, because as Hiro learns, things don’t always work right the first time.

Supplies Needed

  • Long white balloons (pump optional)
  • Cardboard cereal box
  • Aluminum foil
  • Red paint & brush
  • Tape
  • Design materials like a journal, pen, ruler

Make a Baymax Balloon

First step is to make a Baymax balloon.  Now I’m not a balloon master so I checked out some videos on You Tube and did my best with those long skinny balloon animal balloons.  I think it turned out pretty well…  I found this video to be the most helpful (ignore the fact that he’s in the back of some shady balloon shop!).

Baymax Balloon Left Brain Craft Brain

Design & Construct Baymax’s Armor

Here’s where the creativity comes into play….  The kids can design and build Baymax’s armor, just like Hiro does in the movie.  Gather up some materials from around the house that might work.  We used cardboard, aluminum foil and paint.  And a lot of tape to hold stuff down.

Cardboard Baymax Left Brain Craft Brain

Aluminum Foil Baymax Armor Left Brain Craft Brain

We decided to try some paint as an option, but that turned into a body painting experience.  Oh and it made the balloon shrink and shrivel up so by the time it was dry, there wasn’t much Baymax left to test.

Painting Baymax Left Brain Craft Brain

Put Baymax’s Armor to the Test

Now that we had a couple of armor options for Baymax, it was time to put them to the test.  First we dropped them out of a second story window.  (Safety note: always monitor kids around high, open windows.)  Surprisingly, both cardboard and aluminum foil protected Baymax well.

Testing Baymax Left Brain Craft Brain

Then The Babe stomped on the Baymax balloons since the drop didn’t actually pop the balloons.  The cardboard was surprisingly protective to the balloon.  But that aluminum foil’s sharp points immediately popped the balloon.  This would be a fun time for some imaginative play with the kids, too.  As Baymax is busy saving San Fransokyo against microbots turned evil, the kids can put the armor to the test.

Ready for a Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge?

I picked up a special Gift with Purchase DVD at Walmart.  Know why I’m mentioning it?  Because the gift was another DVD all about the science of Big Hero 6.  It talks about the science behind the special effects, things that they’ve imagined in the film and more.  It’s awesome for your young inventors.

Big Hero 6 Walmart

Your purchase of the Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray/DVD + Gift With Purchase Set includes a digital movie on Vudu while supplies last! Simply scan your receipt using the Savings Catcher in the Walmart app. Then look for a message on your phone or email. Now you can watch Big Hero 6 on any device!

It’s Your Turn!

I’d love to hear how your kids invented armor for Baymax.  What did they use to make it?  What kind of serious play did they use to test it?

Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge Left Brain Craft Brain FB

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