Help Kids Have a Bright Future in a Digital World with My.Future STEM Program for Kids

What did your kiddo say when you last asked them what they want to be when they grow up? It’s probably something that they’ve seen in action, like a firefighter or doctor. Or maybe it’s something they’ve read about in books, like an astronaut or an athlete. But it’s awfully hard for kids to want to be something that they’ve never seen. Or even heard about. But there are ways to make STEM a realistic future for every child. We can help our kids succeed in a digital world. This post was sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of America as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

My.Future STEM program for kids from the Boys & Girls Club of America helps kids succeed in a digital world. They'll get hands-on activities in technology and engineering like robotics, game design and more. All ready to give them a bright future!

What Does STEM Look Like?

I went out to my MIT reunion a few weeks ago and caught up with some of my amazing classmates. I think what was so amazing is that almost all of them graduated with STEM majors, but almost none of them do the same thing, 20 years later. And it got me thinking… How can we help kids understand what a STEM future looks like? That STEM is cool? Because it totally is. And because they need STEM to stay competitive in our global economy where STEM jobs are growing at twice the rate of other jobs.

Maybe it’s by helping them see what STEM looks like when you’re all grown up…

  • It looks like Joe, a transplant scientist who is helping people get a better life with new organs and limbs.
  • It looks like Lexie, a computer scientist who makes stealth aircraft antennas that protect our country.
  • It looks like Shelley, a biomedical engineering professor who does research on gene therapies for people with spinal injuries.
  • It looks like Alan, a programmer making big data work in the financial industry.
  • It looks like Cyrus, a scientist and engineer who leads earth-friendly product innovation at Nike.
  • It looks like Kamilah, a patent attorney who helps inventors protect their ideas.
  • It looks like me, a STEM blogger who believes that you can never start too early introducing science and engineering to kids.

And absolutely most of all, STEM can look like THEM, because their future is bright. And because they’ve got help showing them the way. They just need to get curious :)

somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.- Carl Sagan

My.Future STEM for a Digital World

Getting kids interested in STEM is definitely possible by helping them try technology and engineering out and experience what their future can hold. I’m a firm believer in after-schooling because kids get extra chances to get interested in topics and reinforce the learning they do during the school day. That’s why I’ve partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of America to show you all about their amazing new STEM program, My.Future.  Boys & Girls Club has always been about helping out kids after school to make their lives better. For 150 years!!!! And this year, they’ve turned their sites to STEM.

This year they showed kids what technology looks like in sports:

Kids can get hands-on experience with digital STEM, perfect for preparing them for the future. Members to select from more than 40 hands-on activities like secret coding, make your own TED talk, and job essentials like Excel. Plus they earn certificates as they work through the tutorials. Extension programs go even deeper into game design, robotics and more.

My Future STEM Program for Kids FB

Whether you’re a family who needs a little more help, or a friend or a teacher who knows a child that would thrive in STEM, take a look at My.Future.


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