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The Easter Bunny is coming and did you know that she’s friends with Elsa & Anna? So she’s delivering a Disney FROZEN Science Easter Basket full of fun for your kiddos.  And it’s Left Brain Craft Brain style, filled with Frozen Easter science like crystals, rockets, slime and more!  There’s even a journal to help them keep track of their experiments. #DisneyEaster #CollectiveBias

Have tons of Disney FROZEN science fun with this science filled Easter basket. Enjoy experiments like snow monsters, slime and crystal crows. #DisneyEaster #ad

Elsa’s Crystal Tiara

First up is a new spin on the old science of crystals.  Make a crystal tiara for your little Elsa with pipe cleaners and Borax.  Here’s a closeup of the before pipe cleaners.  It took about 5 white and 1 blue pipe cleaners.  Simply twist them together in the desired shape until they are secure.

Trying on Elsas Crown Left Brain Craft Brain

After making the crown, you’re going to place it in a Borax solution overnight to grow.  For full instructions on growing the crystals after you’ve made your crown, follow the directions from these FROZEN Snowflake Party Favors.  You’ll need a wide mouth mug or vase so that the pipe cleaners don’t touch the side while the crystals are forming.Elsa Crystal Crown Left Brain Craft Brain

Safety Note:  You probably don’t want your kids to be wearing this crystal crown for extended periods of time because heat will make the a little bit of Borax come off.  And that can irritate skin.

Growing Snow Monsters

This was soooo fun.  Really fun.  We turned some white Peep birdies into FROZEN snow monsters with a food coloring marker.  And then microwaved them to turn them into a big scary snow monster.  Microwaves vary, but 10 seconds on high was enough time to make it grow but not burn.  And fresh Peeps grow the biggest, so don’t save this project for a month after Easter.  Pictures don’t do justice to either the size or the yummy toasted marshmallow taste afterwards :)

Monster Peep with Pen Left Brain Craft Brain

Exploded Snow Monster in Microwave Left Brain Craft Brain

Elsa’s Jelly Bean Ice Palace

We love building at Left Brain Craft Brain.  We’ve built Elsa’s Ice Palace before, but I thought I’d put a little Easter spin on it this time.  Just pop the jelly beans and toothpicks inside some plastic eggs and throw them in the basket. They’re ready to build anytime, even on the go.

Jelly Bean Ice Palace Left Brain Craft Brain 2

M&M Rockets

What kind of science basket would this be without something that flies?  Throw some M&M’s in the basket and check out my friend Sarah’s M&M Tube Rockets tutorial over at Frugal Fun for Boys.

Frozen Glitter Slime

Kids love slime, so give them an egg full of this gorgeous, glittery FROZEN slime.  Click over to the recipe to learn how to make it.

Frozen Slime Closeup Left Brain Craft Brain

Glitter SLime Hanging Out Left Brain Craft Brain

FROZEN Bubble Science

For a little bubble science fun, include a FROZEN bubble wand in the basket.  Then, click over to How Bubbles Work & 20 Things to Do With Them.  You’ll find the science behind why bubbles pop and why they’re round. You’ll even find a link to dry ice bubbles.

Disney FROZEN Science Easter Basket Supplies List

There are a lot of projects in this basket, so there’s a lot of supplies.  You can pick and choose the ones you want to include, but here’s the full shopping list:

  • To make the basket:
    • FROZEN Easter basket or bucket
    • Plastic Easter eggs (I used metallic and sparkly eggs.)
  • For Elsa’s Crystal Tiara:
    • Pipe cleaners (white and blue)
    • Borax
    • Straw
  • For Growing a Snow Monster:
    • Peeps
    • Food color pen
  • For Elsa’s Jelly Bean Ice Palace:
    • Jelly beans
    • Toothpicks
  • For the M&M Rockets:
    • M&M tube
    • Alka Seltzer
    • Papeer
  • For the FROZEN Glitter Slime:
    • Clear glue
    • Liquid starch
    • Turquoise glitter
  • For Bubble Science:
    • FROZEN bubble wand
  • For the Science Journal:
    • FROZEN activity pack with markers & stickers

Where to Find FROZEN Easter Stuff

The good news for this long list of supplies is that Walmart has it all.  I picked up everything in one trip!

Disney Easter at Walmart

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