Easy Peasy Frozen Fruity Painting and Snacks

We’ve needed a bit of a summertime cool down recently.  School’s almost starting, but in the San Francisco area, that means hot!  And when it’s hot, I need snacks and projects to be easy.  So out came some some frosty fruit bars for snacking and some vivid frozen paints for creating.  Both perfect for August days and after school.

Easy Peasy Frozen Fruity Painting and Snacks LBCB

Frozen Fruity Paints Supplies Needed

  • Wooden sticks (like the sticks in Fruttare frozen fruit bars)
  • Liquid watercolors
  • Ice cube tray
  • Watercolor paper

The frozen paints are so easy to make!  Save the sticks from yesterday’s frozen fruit bars and give them a good rinse. Let them dry overnight if you have time.  Then grab an ice cube tray or mini-muffin pan (we like to use our fun, heart shaped mold) and fill with diluted liquid watercolors or tempera paint.  If you want, add a drop of essential or flavor oils to the colors to give them their fruity scent.  Freeze for 30-45 minutes and insert a stick into the middle of each frozen paint.  Then freeze until solid.

I used liquid watercolors for ours and made red, yellow and blue.  The frosty paints made some gorgeous color mixing!!

Frozen Color Mixing Paint LBCB2


There was a lot of double-fisting of frozen stuff during this snack time art project.  Paint. Eat. Paint. Eat. Repeat.  I’ll admit that there was a little bit of eating on my side too.  Fruttare bars are soooo good.  I think the actual phrase out of my mouth when I tried the black cherry bar was “This is literally the best fruit bar I’ve ever tasted.”  And I make homemade ones (probably no more!).  The Fruttare bars are loaded with fruit and at only 60 calories for the black cherry bar, they’re an easy sweet treat for both my daughter and me.

Painting and Eating LBCB

Three Paintings and Fruit Bars LBCB

For some more fun and easy art projects, check out the LBCB Five Minute Crafts archive.  And if you love to eat and learn, have some fun with our food projects, too.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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