Father’s Day DIY Back Scratcher Gift Set

Father's Day DIY Back Scratcher Gift Set Left Brain Craft BrainI don’t exactly have my act together this year for Father’s Day.  You may start to notice a trend at the holidays around my house.  I’m a bit of a last minute kind of girl.  My mantra is “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.”  So I’m kind of scrambling for it this year…  Enter, the Last Minute Father’s Day DIY Back Scratch Gift Set!

First, we made a quick back scratcher out of a paint mixing stick and a milk jug cap.  The Babe colored the stick with her favorite paint brush markers and got to have her first adventure with a glue gun.  No paint sticks lying around?  A ruler works too.  We made one for Daddy, Grandpa and my brother (Daddy to her favorite cousins…).upcycled diy back scratcher left brain craft brainWe also made one of those Race Track T-Shirts for Dad (thanks The Winthrop Chronicles for the idea!).  Got some little Hot Wheels, a Sharpie and an old t-shirt laying around?  You’re good to go….  Ours wasn’t as pretty as some of these t-shirts out there, but it’s the gift that counts :)

race track back scratcher t shirt left brain craft brain imageNext, it was time for a super easy fold-up hand gift card.  Have your kiddo line up their wrist with the bottom of a piece of paper and trace around their whole hand.  Then fold the paper in half at the tips of the fingers and cut around both layers of paper.  Voila!  A back scratching card.  We wrote inside “Happy Father’s Day From Your Official Back Scratcher.”

father's day hand print card

And now you’re ready for Father’s Day!  Are you a procrastinator too?  Please tell me I’m not alone….  :)

father's day diy back scratcher gift LBCB


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  1. Great minds – both my kids gave their dad a coupon for backscratching – the 3 year old’s for 10 minutes, and the 5 year old (more realistic) for 2 minutes.

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