Five Minute Crafts: Drawing Dice

drawing dice with textI found some great little foam cubes at the dollar store the other day (The Babe is modeling them for you). vivy foam blocks They’re called foam counting blocks and you’re supposed to use them for math activities.  I’m saving some for when addition and subtraction seem a bit more manageable for her.  But until then, I decided to make a set of drawing dice.  I was inspired by the Art Dice on TinkerLab…

They’re super easy.  Just grab a Sharpie and draw shapes on the cubes.  I used a square, circle, triangle, plus sign, dots and a squiggle.  Give them a few minutes to dry before rolling them (i.e. don’t get black Sharpie all over your hands like I did).

01d7039db9242a9e8e73801aa014c8d063447f1708_00001We played a game where The Babe rolled a die in each color.  She then drew the shape shown on the die with the coordinating color marker.  Some great doodling followed.  When that got old, she made a whole new set where she picked the designs that would go on the cubes.  These dice mainly consisted of circles and squiggles, but she loved drawing on these foam blocks.

This is a great activity for young kids just learning to draw recognizable shapes.  But it’s also a great activity for older kids who could create some pretty gorgeous doodle art with the dice.  I had fun doing a little doodling too.

Are you or your kiddo a doodler?  Check out great drawing how-to’s, printables, and inspiration on the Left Brain Craft Brain Pinterest Drawing board!

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