STEM Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Black Friday is almost here and I'm ready!! I've pulled together my master shopping list of all the amazing STEM Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids.  I love playing with toys and seeing what’s new, especially in the world of STEM / STEAM. I hope this MIT mom / engineer and kid approved list full of STEM toys, books, games, science kits, and more. All of them loaded with science, technology, engineering, art, or math and designed for fun!

Kids will love getting gifts from this list of STEAM & STEM Gift Ideas for Kids! It's filled with STEM toys, engaging books, robots, tech toys, building kits, science kits, and more. All perfect gift ideas for the holidays or birthdays.

All the STEM Holiday Gift Ideas Lists for 2019

To help you navigate through this long list of amazing gift ideas for kids, I've pulled together this Table of Contents. Just click which section you want to go to!

  1. STEM & STEAM Books for Kids
  2. STEM & STEAM Games for Kids
  3. Building Toys & Kits for Kids
  4. Science Kits for Kids
  5. Robots, Coding, Circuits, & More Electronic Gifts for Kids

STEM & STEAM Books for Kids

stem and steam books for kids

Books are one of our favorite gifts for kids because there's always something just right for every type of reader and maker kid. Here are some of my favorite activity, picture, non-fiction, and chapter books with a STEM spin.

Inspire your kids to create and build with this brand new book all about bots! It includes easy-to-follow instructions for 19 fun bots and bot activities perfect for builders of all experience levels. Plus extras make working with electricity easy and educational.

This book highlights some amazing women who made a difference in space. Perfect for budding astronauts!

This gorgeous book tells all about the record-breaking flyers in the nature world. Do you know which animals can fly the highest?

This inspiring picture book about a brilliant bug-lover born in the 1800's will get your kids dreaming big.

This activity books is filled with creative art projects loaded with math learning. Perfect for a 5 minute drawing or longer creative session.

Paper engineering is a totally budget-friendly way for kids to get creative. This book is filled with ideas from YouTube star Red Ted Art.

Are your kids fans of all those baking shows? Get them baking instead of watching with these fun, easy-to-follow recipes.

Maybe you're looking for a gift that keeps on giving long after the day they unwrap it... STEAM Explorers is perfect!!!  Think digital magazine meets online project portal in a safe, kid-friendly environment. (No more worrying about what might be hidden in that YouTube vid!) All engineer, teacher, and mom approved. And most definitely KID APPROVED!

Kids will love doing experiments, building cool things, cooking up some delicious food, and having fun with games and printables. All with real STEAM learning built right in. Inspire your young engineers and scientists to explore! Our big idea inspiring Innovation issue is first in 2020!

STEM & STEAM Games for Kids

stem and steam games

"Can we play a game?" are words parents and teachers here everyday. Why not build the game collection with some new ones that have STEM and STEAM in the play?

This is the hottest game around for game schoolers these days!! Kids will love learning about birds in this engine-building style game.

Get your wares to market but avoid the ogres as you go! Awesome math skill practice is hidden in the probabilty challenges.

This cooperative deck-building game brings the characters of Toy Story to life! Everyone works together to make it through fun challenges and adventures.

Kids love this sweet treat themed logic game. Its small size makes it a good one for on the go fun, too.

This animal guessing game is a fun way to encourage communication while game playing.

Next time a blind bag gift is in order, try one of these adorable and educational mystery puzzles about famous women.

Grow a community garden inside this winter with a fun dice and card game. But it do it quick so you can become the Head Gardener.

A mirror makes these pattern building challenges extra fun and engaging. Perfect for building critical thinking and problems solving through play!

Building Toys & Kits for Kids

Building toys and kits for kids

Building is at the heart of the STEM and STEAM movement. It helps build teamwork, problem solving skills, creative thinking, and more. Plus kids LOVE BUILDING!

Bring the carnival or fair home with this ferris wheel building kit. The included motor makes it really turn!

It wouldn't be a STEM gift idea list without some LEGO. Kylo Ren's Shuttle is an amazing kit that will keep the kids engaged for a while.

Harry Potter fanatic? This LEGO building kit is for you (um, the kids!). This castle makes an amazing family build.

Every young maker needs a set of tools that help get the job done. I like this kit because it includes tools for all sorts of crafts!

Marble runs get a modern edge with this cool building kit. Experiment with gravity, magnetics, and kinetics in every run you build.

This building tool kit is for the younger kids. What I love about it is that the tools are safe for young hands but work like a real set with the included foam "wood."

Make the kids next sleepover even more fun by having them build their own movie projector!

Science Kits for Kids

science kits for kids

Science experiments are amazing for kids. They love watching the reactions that happen when they mix and match ingredients. These kits make it easy and safe.

This kit is filled with some of the classic science experiments like volcanos, crystals, and more. People love it because the instructions make it easy and experiments work great.

This kit isn't new, but it's one of the best around. Affordable and fun, it makes a great birthday gift for friends.

Got a unicorn lover in the house? Or maybe a slime lover? This slime and crystal science kit has it all for them! Lots of projects to make this gift last longer than the day you give it.

Science gets cool, actually downright cold with these fun winter and color science experiments. These experiments were designed the scientists behind your favorite crayons.

The kitchen just got way more interesting that dinner with this fun science kit. Kids will learn and play with their food and get some science learning that sticks.

Eggs are natures gift wrap ;) And kids will get to dig out 12 different dinosaurs from their "fossilized" egg in this fun kit. The kit includes science-filled info cards for each dinosaur, too.

Robots, Coding, Circuits, & More Electronic Gifts for Kids

robots coding circuits and more

Technology is our future! These awesome coding kits, robots, and more make it fun to learn and get prepared with music, art, and more.

Star Wars fans will love coding an epic lightsaber battle and other stories with this amazing codeable sensor. Make BB-8 fly, fill the Falcon with porgs, levitate Baby Yoda, and more.

Snap Circuits are a never fail gift for kids who like to build and experiment. This set incorporates MEG (magnets, electronics, and gears) in a fun 3D kit.

Music just got way more colorful with these specdrums, all with the tap of a finger! Specdrums mimic the functions of digital drums, keyboards, and MIDI pads and can play all sorts of sounds, including your own.

Ozobots are a favorite of teachers because they are an affordable way to experience robotics and coding. Plus their line following abilities make activities tons of fun.

Artie is a fantastic entry-level robot for kids. Use your computer or tablet to code a piece of art with Artie's block-based coding language.

This robot is perfect for young builders that want to create something that really moves. It's remote control powered (no coding necessary).

Little Bits are another teacher favorite that translates well to home. This rover kit includes NASA-inspired astronaut training and missions perfect for your budding astronauts.

Anyone up for some soccer? Let's code a game with Sphero's latest rendition of their popular Mini bot. We love this for it's easy to learn coding interface and small (easy to store) size.

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