Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament

If you hang out at Left Brain Craft Brain much at all, you know that I love things that light up. And my Christmas tree is my absolute favorite thing that lights up. So this year, we decided to make an ornament that lights up too.  And I’m sure you can guess what it is… Rudolph, the brightest reindeer of them all. The surprise here is how easy these are to make because all you need are a few pipe cleaners and the lights already hanging on your Christmas tree.  This perfect project for your kids turns an adorably fuzzy Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament into one that goes down in history :) This post contains affiliate links.

Light up Christmas with everyone's favorite reindeer with this super easy Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament.

Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament Supplies Needed

Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament Instructions

First, read Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer {affiliate} with your kiddo :) I had sung the song a gazillion times, but never actually read the book, so this was a fun one for me too.

  1. Make Rudolph’s face by forming an oval with one pipe cleaner.  Then wrap the oval and fill it in with additional pipe cleaners. It seems like the number you need is dependent upon the motor skills of the individual creating Rudolph. I only needed two for the face, but it took my daughter five pipe cleaners to fully make and fill in Rudolph’s face. Making these with a crowd? Plan accordingly!
  2. Form  your antlers by folding over the bumpy parts of one pipe cleaner. Be sure to leave a little stem at the bottom to attach to the face.
  3. Attach your antlers and glue on your googly eyes.
  4. Make Rudolph’s nose by twisting a pipe cleaner into a circle and then attaching it to the face.

Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament Steps

Rudolph Christmas Ornament with Book

I didn’t tell The Babe ahead of time how we were going to light up Rudolph’s nose. So when we finished working with pipe cleaners, she kept saying what about his nose? How will it glow? She even pulled out the book to show me what it was supposed to do.

Point to Rudolphs Nose

Then we walked over to the tree and I did the big reveal…  All you need to do to light up Rudolph’s nose is pop him on top of one of your tree’s red lights! Gently press the bulb all the way through his nose until he sits on the green plastic portion of the light. He’ll stand up all by himself.

Light Up Rudolph Christmas Ornament Left Brain Craft Brain

More Light Up Rudolphs!!

As I mentioned, I love holiday lights :) These Light Up Rudolph Gift Tags with a free printable are another fun way to celebrate the season. There’s a Christmas tree and snowflake version too…


10 Days of Kid Made Christmas Ornaments

Rudolph is part of a great series of 70+ kid-made Christmas Ornaments, all inspired by books.  It’s hosted by the awesome Melissa of Mama Miss. Click on the picture to find links to all the projects.

10 Days of Kid Made Christmas

Here are today’s ornaments!

Yeti Ornament || House of Burke

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Owl Moon Ornament || Freshly Planted

Grinch’s Heart Ornament || Adventures in Wunderland

Eiffel Tower Ornament || Non Toy Gifts

Personalized Name Ornament || The Educator’s Spin On It

Nutcracker Clothespeg Crafts || Castle View Academy

Christmas Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math Fun for Kids

Looking for some more holiday STEAM inspiration that use can use right now? Instant gratification style? Check out STEAM Kids Christmas EBook! It’s packed with 25 days of festive projects (plus an adorable printable advent calendar!) that will wow the boredom right out of your kids.

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  5. My daughter always loved to make pipe cleaner animals. Your Rudolph ornament is awesome and the addition of the light up nose is brilliant!

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    1. leftbraincraftbrain

      Thanks so much Peta! I think we’re going to make a garland of these on a whole string of lights.

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