How to Make a Color and Light Discovery Bottle

I think that we may be newly obsessed with discovery bottles in our house.  First was the Magnetic Field version. Now, we’re playing with color and light with some awesome submersible tealights.  Make one for some fun nighttime sensory play for the kiddos (and you).  This post contains affiliate links.

Be mesmerized by color and light with this easy to make discovery bottle for kids.

Color and Light Discovery Bottle Supplies Needed

This whole project came about when I saw some submersible tealights.  They’re meant for table decorations for weddings and fancy events and come in lots of colors.  Some even change colors every few seconds.  They looked really awesome, so I bought a pair to try.  And they did not disappoint!!

color and light discovery bottle supplies LBCB

This is really sooo easy to make.  Grab your Voss water bottle, pour out the water into a pitcher, and turn on your tealights.  It’s important to use a Voss water bottle or other wide mouth bottle because otherwise the tealights won’t fit through the mouth. Now add a few crystal diamonds. Then a tealight.  Some more diamonds, the other tealight and the rest of the crystal diamonds. Fill with water and screw on the cap.  For extra security, you can add a piece of clear packing tape to seal it shut.

Green Horizontal Light Bottle LBCB2

I hope you like the pictures…  I kind of really love them.  And only partially because I hid in a 3 ft. x 4 ft. closet in the dark to take them :)  But they really seem to do the bottle justice.  If you want to see the light and colors in action, watch this video.

Discovery Bottle Light Play

A bunch of us got together with our kiddos to do some learning with light.  Check out these other fun light discovery bottles.

Light Discovery Bottle Collage 600

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For even more fun discovery bottles check out the home page of our Discovery Bottles Blog Hop over at Preschool Inspirations.

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