How to Make DIY Stomp Rockets

There are some epic STEM projects that make lasting memories for kids. DIY Stomp Rockets are definitely one of those projects. From the building phase that builds confidence in kids to the flying stage that makes kids yell “wow!” “so cool!” stomp rockets are a project for the memory books. Our family had a super-fun afternoon building and flying them! These easy to follow instructions are a sneak peek into the STEAM Explorers Superhero Activity Ebook, too!

DIY Stomp Rockets are a really fun STEM project for kids and the whole family. Build, stomp, and fly and learn what makes real rockets fly. Perfect for school or scouts, too!
DIY Stomp Rockets are a really fun STEM project for kids and the whole family. Build, stomp, and fly and learn what makes real rockets fly. Perfect for school or scouts, too!

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What is a Stomp Rocket?

A stomp rocket is a paper rocket that take flight due to pressurized air. They use an air bladder (in this one it’s a 2L bottle) to supply the air. When you stomp on the bottle, the air inside is compressed. The compressed air escapes to an area of lower pressure down the pipe and into the body of the rocket. But the rocket has a closed end and the air cannot escape and pushes downwards against the pipe, too. This causes the rocket to fly off the launcher and into the air.

Check out the DIY Stomp Rockets in action here!

How Do Rockets Fly?

Real rockets also rely upon air flow to make them fly. Their engines burn fuel which converts into hot gas. The hot gas is pushed out of the end of the engine. The rocket then relies upon Newton’s Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As the hot gas is pushed downwards out of the rocket, the rocket itself flies upwards.

DIY Stomp Rocket Supplies

diy stomp rockets supplies: PVC pipe, PVC pipe cutter, duct tape, masking tape, PVC pipe fittings, paper

Build the Stomp Rocket Launcher

First you need to build the contraption that gives the rockets their air-powered “engines.”

SAFETY NOTE: Cutting PVC pipe should be done by adults or with adult supervision due to the sharp tools.

  1. Cut PVC pipe into the following length sections:
    1. 1 x 4 foot
    2. 4 x 1 foot
  2. Insert three 1 foot sections of pipe into the ends of a 3-way fitting. You now have a t-shape of pipe.
DIY stomp rockets launcher design
  1. Insert the part of the T that is at a right angle from the other to pieces from step 2 into another three-way fitting.
  2. Insert the 4-foot section of pipe into the opposite opening of the 3 way fitting from step 3 to make a long length of pipe.
  3. Insert the last 1-foot section of pipe into the remaining opening in the three-way fitting and rotate the fitting so the pipe points towards the sky. This is where your paper rocket will go.
  4. Insert the other end of the 4-foot pipe section into the neck of the 2L bottle about 1” and secure with duct tape. NOTE: If you have a PVC pipe to 3/4″ hose attachment piece, you can use this instead of the duct tape.)
Closeup of the diy stomp rocket launcher 2L bottle air bladder
  1. At the end of the T opposite to the bottle, there are open ends of pipe. Cover each with duct tape so air cannot escape.
Closeup of the diy stomp rocket launcher with duct tape on ends

Make the Paper Rockets

The next part of the DIY stomp rockets is to make the paper rocket. For best results, be sure that the rocket is sealed as air-tight as possible except for the part that goes onto the launcher.

  1. Take one of the one foot sections of pipe and wrap a piece of paper around it snugly, but not so tight it can’t be removed.
  1. Tape the paper cylinder to secure it.
  1. Close one end of the rocket by folding over the end and taping it or another preferred method.

How to Optimize Your DIY Stomp Rocket

To optimize your rocket, you have to minimize the air drag against the rocket. Real rockets use fins and nose cones to help the rocket cut through the air better. What can you add to your rocket to make it more aerodynamic?

How to Fire the DIY Stomp Rockets

Now comes the really fun part!!! These rockets go really high (ours went almost 100 feet in the air!), so be sure to pick a good location to fire them.

SAFETY NOTE: Always stay away from the rocket and ensure no one else is near the rocket when firing. Adult supervision recommended.

  1. To launch a rocket, place the open end of the rocket over the vertical pipe section of the launcher.
  2. Ensure that no one is near the rocket and step or jump onto the 2L bottle to fire.
  3. To inflate the bottle after each launch, place your hand around the vertical pipe piece and blow into your hand. Do not blow directly into the pipe to reduce spreading germs.

Stomp Rocket Dueling

To have a rocket battle, estimate how high your rocket flies by comparing it to landmarks. Continue to optimize your rocket for the highest flight and battle against friends and their rockets.

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