Minion Brush Bot

We love Minions around our house.  And we’re totally excited for the new Minions movie coming out in a few weeks.  So we decided to make some Minions :)  A Minion Brush Bot specifically.  They run and circle around in a hilarious way, just like in the movies.  So get your motors ready for some fun STEM learning with this free Minion printable!  And get ready for giggles because I promise you, you can’t keep a straight face when you see these little guys moving around.  Keep reading to the end for this week’s Love to Learn Linky, too.

Make these adorably funny Minion brush bots for STEM learning fun.

Minion Brush Bot Supplies Needed (1 set per Minion)

SAFETY NOTE:  Coin cell batteries are extremely hazardous if swallowed.  Please keep away from children who put non-food items in their mouth.

  1. Cut the head off an angled toothbrush by pinching the neck in a pair of wire cutters and bending back and forth until it snaps.

Cut Toothbrush LBCB

  1. Tape motor to toothbrush head with transparent tape.  Play around with motor placement and direction as these make a difference in how the brush bot moves around. Note: I ended up buying my motors because the wires kept breaking on the ones I pulled from vibrating toothbrushes.

Tape Motor LBCB

  1. Take the two motor wires and tape each wire to a side of the battery using electrical tape. Motor doesn’t turn on?  Switch sides…  Then slide one wire out until you are ready to play with the Minion.

Tape Battery LBCB

  1. Print and cut out Minions from the Minion Brush Bot Printable.  Take one Minion and wrap around the toothbrush head into a cylinder with the motor wires placed up through the cylinder.  Tape closed with transparent tape.  You want to make sure it’s really tight because otherwise the brush bot will slip out..  Then tape the bottom of the cylinder to the toothbrush head with transparent tape.

Cut Minions LBCB

  1. Repeat with the other two Minion designs if desired.  Connect the battery wires.  Now have tons of fun watching these silly Minions run around!

3 Minion Bot Closeup LBCB

You have to watch them run around in this video.  Our house cannot stop giggling :)

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