Spider Activities You Can Do With the Kids

Nothing says Halloween and October time like spiders. Kids love them during the fall. They want to decorate their rooms with them, play pranks with them, and spiders are included in every Halloween drawing. Plus they’re crawling all around outside and if your house is like mine, probably inside, too… Spiders just scream Halloween fun. That’s why I compiled a list of Spider Activities you can do with the kiddos this Halloween season. You’ll find everything from arts & crafts, to science & engineering in this spider-filled list.

Looking for something to do today? Check out these spider activities filled with science, art, crafts, and more! They're perfect for October and Halloween.
Looking for something to do today? Check out these spider activities filled with science, art, crafts, and more! They're perfect for October and Halloween.

Spider Arts & Crafts

Let’s start off this mega list with some fun art and craft projects! First up is my favorite :) Spider Web Weaving. It’s a great project for integrating art and science into STEAM.

spider web weaving purple background with paper plates woven with yarn
spider arts and crafts projects collage with paper spider web, spider toy, pine cone spider, spider painting, and spider head dress
Halloween activities for kdis

A Little Spider Science…

Since we’re talking spiders, how about a little science to add to your activity session?

Spiders are carnivorous, 8-legged creatures in the arachnid family. They can be found in all parts of the world. All spiders have fangs and many have venom in them, but most spiders are not poisonous to humans.

Why do spiders weave webs?

Every spider spins silk but only some spin webs. Spiders spin webs to climb, to live in, to catch their prey, to protect themselves, and to create egg sacs. The webs are made of silk that the spider produces in silk glands and ejects through its leg. The webs vibrate and let them know that something has entered the web. Different spiders spin their webs in different ways. Orb spiders spin their webs in spirals. They first weave base supports that connect the web to branches, rocks, buildings, and more. Then they finish their web with sticky silk they spiral around the web supports. This sticky silk catches other insects.

Spider Science & Engineering

Spiders are some of nature’s most gifted builders! So of course we had to incorporate some science and engineering into this list of spider-themed activities.

spider science and engineering project collage with spider bot, spider web wrapped on hanger, natural materials, straw spider web

Spider Sensory Play

Here are a few fun spider sensory play activities that are perfect brain breaks for spider months!

spider sensory play activities with two types of spider slime, spider playdough, glow in the dark spider webs

Math Spider Activities

Add a fun theme to math practice with these spider math activities.

math spider activities with counting activities, spider patterns, spider yarn number web

Halloween Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun Halloween activities to do with the kids? Try some STEAM! Join us as we explore all the favorite themes of October with STEAM Explorers like bats, and pumpkins, and spiders, oh my! Kids will love building a spider bot, exploring famous artists, making spooky sound machines, and more! You'll love the helpful standards-based learning, printables, and tools that make STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) exploration easy!


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