Pharaoh Tac Toe: a Customizable Tic Tac Toe Game

customizable tic tac toe pharaoh tac toe title

What kid doesn’t like Tic Tac Toe?  Make a customizable set for your kiddo!  We made up an Egyptian version of the game using the Ancient Egypt TOOB miniatures.   Split them into X’s and O’s (or pharaohs and animals), draft up the board and you’re all set!

Pharaoh Tac Toe Toob miniaturesThe board is easy… Draw a triangle (call it a pyramid) and put the standard # sign layout into it.  If you want to get fancy, make the triangle look 3D like a real pyramid.  Or if you want to get really fancy, draw a sphinx (waaaaay beyond my drawing skills).

pharaoh tac toe customizable tic tac toe game toob figuresI also added some magnets on the bottom so that The Babe could use these as a travel game on her Ikea mini cookie sheet activity tray.magnetic customizable tic tac toe with toob figuresToobs are a really easy way to customize Tic Tac Toe to your kiddo’s interests.  There are a million different themed Toobs, like fish, fairies, knights, farm animals, space, zoo babies…  Draw your game board inside a matching shape like barn for the farm animals, ocean scene for the fish, castle for the knights, etc.

FYI, I wasn’t hired by Toob, I just love them.  But if you click through the links to Amazon and buy, I will get a small commission to help support the Left Brain Craft Brain craft supply budget.  Oh and help me buy more Toobs…

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