The Best Star Wars Gifts for Fans

Got a Star Wars fan in the house?? This Star Wars Gifts list is totally for you... From Darth to Baby Yoda... from the Death Star to the Millenium Falcon... from Dooku to Mandalorian... There's something in here for every Star Wars kid fan or adult fan. Like Star Wars LEGO sets (they make perfect dad & daughter activities in our house!), books and videos, plus toys and collectibles. Read on to see our faves!

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Star Wars fans will love getting a present from this huge list of the Best Star Wars Gifts. From Star Wars Lego to Star Wars games to Star Wars Toys and Star Wars Collectibles, this list has it all.

All the Star Wars Gift Idea Lists for 2019

To help you navigate through this list of amazing Star Wars gifts, I grouped them by category and pulled together this Table of Contents. Just click which section you want to go to!

  1. Star Wars Lego
  2. Star Wars Books and Video
  3. Star Wars Toys

Star Wars Lego Building Sets

Star Wars Lego Sets

LEGO is both the ultimate group project and independent play in our house. These LEGO sets are perfect for any age!

A new version of everyone's favorite starship.

This is the latest LEGO version of the Star Destroyer. You can flip open the top to see inside.

Build the Tantive IV, the legendary starship from the original movie, now retitled Star Wars: The New Hope.

Kylo Ren's Shuttle is an amazing kit that will keep the kids engaged for a while.

The Mandalorian gets an AT-ST with this really fun (and more affordable) build.

This LEGO Boost robotics set is a fave of Star Wars fans. You can code and play long after the build is done.

We just built this one... Love anything in the AT-AT type family!

I'll be honest, this one is for super fans... This absolutely unbelievable (and discontinued) set is a total collector's item.

LEGO launched a new series of collectible builds. The detail on this is amazing.

Star Wars Books, Videos, and Video Games

Star Wars Books Videos and Games

Get reading and gaming with some of your favorite characters or pick up the latest DVD.

Grab one of the latest movies for your collection!

Learn all about the inside workings of C-3PO from the man who played him, Anthony Daniels.

Explore the original storyboards from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Step into the amazing world of Star Wars through the latest game for PlayStation. The third person action-adventure game will keep you playing for hours.

Put a Star Wars spin on Where's Waldo Seek and Finds with this fun book that challenges you to find Chewbacca.

Star Wars Toys

Star Wars Toys and Collectibles

Star Wars toys make the best gift for your favorite fan because they can keep playing with them long after the movie is out of the theater. P.S. I'm on the hunt for Baby Yoda stuff, so keep your eyes on this space!! I'll keep adding stuff when it becomes available.

X-Wing is one of the best Star Wars games out there. Fans will love the miniatures and the strategy play!

Sorry, pretty much this is it for Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian right now... But it's super cute!!

This Chewbacca plush toy is made by the Fur Real Friends and interacts with you.

A Star Wars toy list wouldn't be complete without some collectible figures. But do you play with them or leave them in the pack?

Sphero's award winning bot comes in BB-8 fun that's perfect for Star Wars fans. You can code it's behavior with the easy to use app.

This is pretty much the coolest night light out there for Star Wars fans. Project the Death Star, R2-D2, and more on the wall.

This lightsaber interacts with an app to help train your young padawans and turn them into talented Jedis. Or maybe the next Emperor.

Star Wars fans will love coding an epic lightsaber battle and other stories with this amazing codeable sensor. Make BB-8 fly, fill the Falcon with porgs, levitate Baby Yoda, and more.

It's pretty much Funko and Yoda all day this year for collectibles fans, so be sure to add this one to your list. Baby Yoda won't be out until May...

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