The Best STEM Gifts for Kids

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are right around the corner and the gift lists are being made.  Every year the Left Brain Craft Brain team tests and reads as many amazing STEM things as possible to bring you the VERY best STEM Gifts for Kids. We are a little to excited about the list this year. As technology changes new toys are better than ever and keeping your kids learning and growing is easier than ever.

Check out the best STEM gifts for kids this year! Inside are all the building toys, coding kits, robots, books, and more your kids will love.

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The Best STEM Gifts for Kids


Without further ado, here are the very best STEM Gifts for Kids! If we missed any thing super amazing, but sure to add it in the comments for your fellow readers. To help you navigate through this mega list, here are the categories this year. Want to skip ahead to a section? Just click on the link below.

Top STEM and STEAM Books for Kids

We follow the gifting concept of Something you Want, Something You Need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read. Here are some great ways to learn about a new topic and add some interactive fun to their reading. If you want to introduce vocabulary, or just read a silly science themed book, this list of top books is for you.

  1. STEAM Kids – Gotta start with this one… It’s the #1 STEAM activity book on the market. And kids, parents, and teachers, LOVE the fun activities inside.
  2. Science Dog ComicsDo you have a kid that LOVE comics? Grab the first volume in the Science Dog comic series. It’s a great way to sneak in science topics into the story of your kids next favorite hero.
  3. Wreck this Journal – This journal is AMAZING! If you have a creative kid, they are going to love it. Each pages gives instructions on cutting, painting, poking holes and just exploring the environment around them. It’s great for kids of all ages (and I’m pretty sure I’m going to grab one for myself too)!
  4. Goodnight LabHow messy is a scientists lab? Goodnight Lab is a great scientific parody to the all to familiar Goodnight Moon children’s story. Along with helping scientists clean and close down their beloved lab, kids learn science vocabulary as they get ready for bed.
  5. Science with Stuff Dino-miteIf your kids are like mine, they can’t get enough dinosaur facts in their little heads. Not only does this book introduce new dino facts to your kids it comes with dinosaur dung! Who wouldn’t love fossilized dung for the holidays?
  6. This Book is a Planetarium – This is THE book to add to your gift list this year. It’s a book AND includes six additional tools to help your explores take to the skies this year!
  7. Draw Bridge – This book encourages kids to envision and draw the bridges that cross odd landscapes like slides, a flying horse, and a clothesline. This is a perfect way to add a little art to your STEM.
  8. My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook – This fun book is another draw your idea interactive activity book. The creative prompts will get the kids thinking and having fun!

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Top Building Toys and Kits

Building toys are a perfect way to introduce kids to STEM. They naturally love them and they can be super inspiring, too. (Check out the Women of NASA LEGO set!)

  1. K’Nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building SetThis is just amazing! Start with your much loved K’Nex set then add a timer AND a roller coaster. There are so many ways to change up the building of the structure too!
  2. Millennium Falcon – I would be booed out of the house if I didn’t add this classic Lego build to the list. With so many amazing Star Wars movies making their debut, the Millennium Falcon is a MUST for this Christmas.
  3. Keva Planks – This is a simple set of building blocks with UNLIMITED possibilities. I love the book that is included. It’s a great way to jump start your child’s imagination before the build to new heights with their own ideas!
  4. AfterShock Earthquake Lab – Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to build a structure that can withstand an earthquake! All the materials you need, including the earthquake, are included.
  5. VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox – Have a little STEAM kid at home? This is for them. VTech does an awesome job introducing simple concepts to your youngest builders.
  6. 3D Printer – How long do you think it will be before everyone has a 3D printer at home? Don’t be the last! We have used a 3D printer before and it’s pretty amazing to create ideas, toys, and fun creations without having to wait for the toy manufactures or printers to build them for you!
  7. Learning Resources Gears – These gears have been in our home for years. The possibilities are ENDLESS! We have added to our set many times with fun lights, springs, and cranks. I really love that this set has a motor piece. Your kids will be busy for hours!
  8. Infento – If your kid is ready for a bike this year, this is THE bike to have under the tree. Not only is it sleek and will fit perfectly, it’s also completly customizable! We have had one for years and it never gets old to move the piece around to create a new ride for those neighborhood walks.

Top Robots

What kid doesn’t want a robot? Here are a few ideas, even for the little kiddos!

  1. R2D2 Driod Inventor Kit – I’m completly in love! R2D2 in a robot form. The best part is that there’s no adult supervision needed! This kit comes with step by step instructions AND an app with instructions. The app also challenges your kids to level up. Love it!
  2. Ozobot – Learn more about coding with this fun little bot. This is a great robot for your classroom or after school entertainment.
  3. Hasbro FurReal – Coded stuffed animals! My little lady is going to LOVE this one. We are adding the tiger to our gift list, but there are several other options to choose from.
  4. Sphero SPRK – This robot is a little different than your typical coding bot. Sphero is all about opening up young minds and allowing kids to program their own robot. I can see how this robot can grow with your child for years to come!
  5. Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Set – All robots don’t have to look the same! Encourage your kids to create a fun robot to fit their personality while they learn coding and programing skills to set them on the path for success in life.
  6. Zoomer Show Pony – You know this pony is on our buy list! This interactive toy is perfect for your STEAM kids that love interacting with their toys.

Top Science Kits

Learning is made fun (and sometimes awesomely messy) with these hands-on science kits.

  1. Be Amazing Lab in a Bag – That’s right! Everything you need for an amazing science lab come in one easy to store bag! I know we have tons of materials that sometimes get lost. I really appreciate this lab materials being stored in once place.
  2. DoughLab STEM Kit – We LOVE kitchen experiments! If you want all the materials at your fingertips, add the DoughLab to your wish list. This is a great for learning more chemistry at home.
  3. Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set – Barbie is stepping up her game! Add the Barbie themed chemistry set to your gift list this year to introduce the fundamentals of chemistry to your kids!
  4. Science Spectacular Magic Set – Do you have a kid that’s all into magic? This is the STEAM kit for them. Magic meets science with these 40 really amazing magic tricks. It’s a great way to spark interest in science too!
  5. MuddWatt STEM Kit – MUD! Who doesn’t love mud? This time you can use that glorious mud to learn more about fuel cells and the power behind the soil that is right outside. Without a doubt this is going to be a HUGE hit this year.
  6. AeroGarden Herbie – There’s not to much better than growing your own food. With Herbie, kids are able to learn the life cycle of plants, hydroponics, and good ol’ responsibility!

Top Circuits, Computers, and Coding Toys and Kits for Kids

I totally believe that you’re never too young to learn the basics of coding. These kits will get kids learning and having fun with computers, circuits, and programming.

  1. Microduino mCookieBuilding blocks that you can program? I love it! If you don’t know a thing about coding you will still fall in love with this fun set.
  2. Piper – It’s the next age of learning for your coders. Piper is all about letting children explore technology in order to spark an interest in creating the future. Kids will be able to assemble their own computer with the materials in this set. SO COOL!
  3. Fisher Price Think and Learn Code-a-PillarThis one is for your youngest kiddos! The Code a Piller is designed for kids as young as three to create their own coded toy that lights up and moves.
  4. Osmo Coding JamSneak in a little problem solving to your gift list with Osmo. Elementary aged children will use tangrams, letters, and numbers to solve the challenges given. This has so much versatility and will work for all the kids you have a home.
  5. Kano Computer KitBuild your own computer and create with technology. Follow the story, plug the parts, see how it works thenl earn to code art, games, music, and Hack Minecraft. Step by step challenges show you how to make it work.
  6. Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set – Save the mouse! Pull this game out for your next play date and challenge the kids to save the mouse in as few of moves as possible.

Subscription Boxes

Kids love mail. You want to know what they love even more? Mail that has cool projects in them! Check out these STEM and STEAM Subscription Boxes that make perfect gifts that keep on giving, month after month.

  1. Kiwi Co. – Kiwi Co. is the leader in STEM & STEAM subscription boxes. We got a chance to try out some sample boxes and you can totally see why. Every box has fun, unusual projects that are age appropriate and well made. You really can’t go wrong with a Kiwi Crate for ages 5-8, Tinker Crate for ages 9-16, or even a Koala Crate for ages 3-4.
  2. Steve Spangler Science – Have a budding scientist in your house? We love Steve Spangler and his amazing science activities. There’s plenty to add to your cart, but LOTS of activities you can do at home with what you already have at home!
  3. Bits Box – This is one of the coolest subscription boxes I have seen in a long time! Teaching your kids to code have never been easier. The instructions are all there. So for all the parents that are worried you need to code to make these boxes work, you don’t!
  4. Kid Art Lit – Art ideas right to your front door? Yes, please! There’s so much creativity in each monthly box. I really love the payment options for this subscription. You can try it our for a month or save with the purchase of many months. AND there’s a book with each book. It’s the perfect box for after school entertainment!
  5. GoPiGo (Dexter Industries) – My daughter loves all things robots and GoPiGo is going on the gift list for sure. This subscription sends awesome way to learn more about robots in elementary classrooms or at home. They can send enough for all your students or just one! It’s an awesome way to add in technology to your week!
  6. Groovy Lab in a Box – We love these boxes for serious STEM learning on topics like circuits, states of matter, and more.

Top STEM Games for Kids (and Families!)

We are a little board game obsessed here. Every time we get a chance we try a new game and there are a ton of games that make STEM learning fun.

  1. Get a Grip No Thumbs Challenge GameThis game is fun and silly! Try your hand at drawing, sculpting, or doing challenges without any thumbs! Plus it’s a great chance to learn how important opposable thumbs are!
  2. PuzzletsThis is a great game for your little thinkers. Puzzlets includes over 40 hours of game play ideas too! Your kids are going to be entrained and learn along the way.
  3. Coding Games in ScratchWhy not code your own games instead of buying something? Scratch workbooks challenge STEAM kids to code projects and games with step by step instructions!
  4. KingdominoGrab the family for this one! Kingdomino is a family strategy game with castles, dominos and wooden Kings.
  5. Code Masters Programing Logic Game – Coding gets hands on! This game has NO electronics. Just good old fashion coding for your kids. There are several levels includes for your kids to grow and learn.
  6. Cloud Hoppers – Add a little outer space fun to addition and subtractions with this fun family game.

Top STEM Pretend Play Toys

  1. SmartGurlz Siggy ScooterHave you seen anything like this? It’s an app controlled scooter for your doll. Choose your favorite color scooter to go with the doll and your kids will play for hours!
  2. Jet Pack Backpack – Am I too old to wear this? This is the coolest backpack I’ve ever seen and will definitely inspire your kids to dream big.
  3. DanceCode BelleBelle is one of my favorite Disney princesses! This time your child can program Belle to practice her dancing before her big night at the ball!
  4. MC2 Perfume LabFor your older kids, grab a perfume lab! Everything you kids need to create DIY perfume comes in this kit. They will LOVE it!
  5. Our Generation Amelia Ann Doll – Amelia is one of the only scientist specific Our Generation dolls on the line. She comes with her own collection of lab materials and is sure to spark amazing conversation as your child plays.
  6. Kids Digital Video Camera – Kids LOVE taking pictures. It seems like half of the picture on my phone are taken by my daughter. This year, get the kids their OWN camera!
  7. First Order Stormtrooper Smart Watch With Camera – Yep! I’m adding this to the gift list. Stormtrooper themed smart watch for your Star Wars loving kids!

Top STEM Wearables for Kids

Kids (and you!) can show their love for all things STEM with these cool and fashionable STEM wearables.

  1. This Girl Asks Why T Shirt – Why do you need a t-shirt like this? Because pushing our kids to question the unknown (and the known!) is going to make them the innovators we need in the future.
  2. Jewelbots – Kids can program this bracelet to be exactly what they want with the included Arduino-based system. Plus they can interact with their friends in a safe, creative way.
  3. Astronobeads – This one is for both kids and the adults! This bracelet showcases the planets in our solar system and makes a really great set of affirmation beads to help approach every day with positivity. I wear mine all the time!
  4. Science Rocks T Shirt – Because science, really does rock, why not show it?
  5. Scientific Explorer Charming Test Tube Science Kit – Who knew? You can where science around your next. Grab this kit for your kids that love to make jewelery and sneak in a little extra STEM to their creations.
  6. Sew Electric – Add a touch of DIY to your wearables with some of the fun projects from this book.

If you made it all the way through this list, go you!!! It’s a long one, created with love. Did I miss any of your favorites?

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