DIY Sticker Seek and Find Game

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Today’s activity is a simple one because not every day can involve expensive craft supplies or teach about the latest scientific exploration.  But every day can have fun activities that enhance your child’s development.  Today, it’s a DIY Sticker Seek & Find Game.

Sticker Seek & Find Left Brain Craft Brain

DIY Sticker Seek & Find Game

The Babe loves stickers.  And loves collecting them.  And then forgetting about them, so we have a big box of random stickers.  I really wanted to figure out a way to use some of them…  I’m guessing that you’re familiar with Seek & Find’s.  You know the ones in Highlights Magazine or the Where’s Waldo? series?  Why are these games useful in child development?  They help develop visual processing skills, i.e. they train the body’s ability to interpret information taken in by the eyes.

Supplies needed:

  • stickers – you’ll need two stickers of every design you want to use
  • 2 sheets 8 1/2″ x 11″ thick paper, I used scrapbook paper {affiliate}
  • scissors

DIY Sticker Seek & Find Supplies Left Brain Craft Brain

First, cut out squares of paper that will serve as the deck of sticker cards.  My daughter really wanted to cut these herself so they weren’t exactly square.  It don’t matter…  They just need to be big enough to fit the stickers you are using.  One sheet of small pieces is plenty.  Also, save one sheet of paper for the seek & find board.

DIY Sticker Seek and Find Squares Left Brain Craft Brain

Next, start placing the stickers.  For every sticker, place one on the game board and one on a small square.  You can use both sides of the small squares, one sticker per side.  Keep going until you think the page is full enough with stickers, or until the kids (or you!) get really bored with the task.

DIY Sticker Seek and Find Game placing stickers Left Brain Craft Brain

DIY Sticker Seek and Find final game Left Brain Craft Brain

To play the game, simply draw a card and find that sticker on the page.  Keep playing until all the stickers have been found or like before, someone tires of the game ;)

DIY Sticker Seek and Find Game collage Left Brain Craft BrainNeed some new stickers either for this project or after you’ve used all your stickers up for this game?  Here are a couple of my favorites on Amazon {affiliate}.

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