Googly Monster Math Window Clings

I heard that song Monster Mash {affiliate} for the first time in a while.  And immediately started singing…  The Babe laughed because she had never heard the song before and now it’s monsters all the time at our house these days.  So we made these really simple math google monsters for her to practice her numbers and math skills with.  This post contains affiliate links.

Googly Monster Math Window Clings Left Brain Craft Brain


Here’s how to make your own set of Googly Monster Math Window Clings:

  1. Supplies needed:
    • school glue
    • gel food coloring
    • sheet protectors
    • googly eyes
    • dish soap
    • paper
    • printer

Googly Monster Math Window Clings Steps Left Brain Craft Brain

  1. Print the template:  Click this the free printable template Googly Monster Math Window Clings Printable from Left Brain Craft Brain.
  2. Color the glue:  I like using dollar store glue because they have cheap small squeeze bottles that are easy to color.  Squeeze about 10 drops of gel food color into each bottle.  Then add 3 drops of liquid dish soap, close the lid and shake until the color is evenly mixed.  I used a long bamboo skewer to help stir the color in too.
  3. Make your monsters:  Place your sheet protector on something stiff like a tray or a book so you can easily move it when you are done.  I found it easiest to outline the numbers and then fill in.  The Babe found it a bit easier to spread the glue with a brush.  So it all depends upon the fine motor skill level of the gluers :).  Be sure to add a thick glob where the googly eyes go and place your eyes on top of the blob.Doing Math with Googly Monster Math Window Clings Left Brain Craft Brain
  4. Let dry and peel the monsters:  Let the monsters dry for a good 24 hours or for a quicker dry time, sit them in the sun.  Then carefully peel them off the sheets (the area around the googly eyes is the hardest to peel off.)  If your monsters are a little blobby, you can use scissors to make them look a bit more like numbers.

Then have fun with kids practicing their arithmetic!!

In the Window Googly Monster Math Window Clings Left Brain Craft Brain

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