Invitation to Build: Party Horn Skyscrapers

Today I have another invitation to build for you…  It’s Party Horn Skyscrapers.  There’s something intriguing to kids about building things high into the sky.  And this one’s extra festive with noisemakers, perfect for New Year’s Eve or birthday parties!  Keep reading for this week’s installment of the Love to Learn Linky, too.  This post contains affiliate links.

Party on New Year's Eve by building with party horns! It's festive STEM fun that builds motor skills and is musical too. Great for birthday parties too.

Party Horn Skyscrapers Supplies Needed

Build Party Horn Skyscrapers Left Brain Craft BrainAll you have to do is stack the horns.  And play music with them.  And stack some more.  A little bit of play dough on the bottom stabilizes the skyscrapers when they get really high.  This play builds fine motor skills in their hands, gross motor skills as they climb and even works the muscles in their face, great for building speech skills.

Noisemaker Towers Left Brain Craft Brain

She started building her tower on the table.  But then quickly realized that she needed more height, so she climbed on the chair and then finally on the table to reach the very top.  I think she was stunned that I let her climb on the table, even with my supervision!  Then we moved the skyscraper to the ground.  But she still wasn’t tall enough.  So out came her bathroom stool.  Then a chair.  And then finally, “Mommy, can you lift me so I can get the top ones on?”  With this activity, you’re getting to see the not-so organized life of a blogger in the background.  It’s hard to find a spot for a six foot tower without a pile of something in the backdrop!!!

Climbing to Build Left Brain Craft Brain

The Babe loved this activity so much that she had to bring her skyscraper to preschool for show and tell.  It was definitely a hit with the kiddos.  In fact, she and I have been loving these invitations to build so much, you’ll be seeing a new one every week or two on Left Brain Craft Brain.  Things like this or Elsa’s Ice Palace or Tinkering Trees where everyday items turn into entertaining building play.

Sugar Cube Invitation to Build Elsa's Ice Palace Left Brain Craft Brain 2Tinkering Trees Left Brain Craft Brain FB

Celebrate New Year’s By Reading

We’re doing another fun thing to celebrate New Years…  We’re reading through (or trying to!) the Top 10 Picture Books of 2014.  Thanks to Rebecca, the librarian behind the blog A Book Long Enough for this great list.


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Left Brain Craft BrainLeft Brain Craft Brain (  Anne is an ex-engineer, current stay-at-home mama writing about crafty ways to encourage creativity (and brain power!) in our kids.  Each of her projects gives kids the chance to learn about a new subject and do something crafty at the same time.


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Totschooling ( Viviana is a blogging mom to a toddler and a preschooler, sharing ideas and resources for early education. She specializes in unique, hands-on printable activities that are educational, fun and inspire creativity in young minds.


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A Little Pinch of Perfect (  Katie combines creativity, play, and learning for the perfect mishmash of fun activities that keep kiddos entertained throughout the day. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of play and feels that all activities naturally provide a fun way to learn.


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