Sock Bomb Alphabet Painting Game

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We decided it was an arty kind of afternoon.  But The Babe really needed to get some wiggles out before dinner.  Her preschool teacher had given us a great painting idea the other day.  Sock Bombs!  Super fun, splatting paint covered socks are good for developing kids’ gross motor skills.  We added a little bit of alphabet learning for kicks, too.  Keep reading to play your own game of Sock Bomb Alphabet Painting.

Sock Bomb Alphabet Painting Game Left Brain Craft Brain

Sock Bomb Painting Supplies:

  • old socks (not too holey or the sand will fall out of them)
  • sand (about one cup per sock)
  • washable tempera paint {affiliate}
  • paper plates or other trays/dishes to put the paint into
  • large roll of craft or art paper
  • tape
  • marker
  • bowl of letters – we used alphabet magnets, but small pieces of paper with one letter per piece works too

The Game Setup

sock bomb alphabet painting steps 1 left brain craft brain

  1. Gather supplies
  2. Fill each sock with about a cup of sand.  You can fill as many socks as you have colors of paint, or just share one between colors.
  3. Tie a knot in the sock about 4 inches from the toe.  This is now your sock bomb.
  4. Roll out paper onto ground.  Tape down all sides.  Write the alphabet in random order on paper, leaving some space between letters.

How to Play

  1. Pour a generous amount of paint on paper plate.  Put one sock bomb on each plate.
  2. Set out bowl of letters and the paint sock bombs.

Sock Bomb Painting Left Brain Craft Brain

  1. Have child pick a letter from the bowl and find it on the sheet of paper.

letters left brain craft brain

  1. Now they can drop / throw / swing / etc. a sock bomb onto that letter.  You might want to make sure that your paper isn’t close to something that shouldn’t get paint on it.  Like maybe you and your pants.  These bombs tend to splatter…  Keep going until they’ve found the whole alphabet, taking turns if there’s more than one child playing.

Sock Bombing Left Brain Craft Brain

Sock Bomb Alphabet Painting Game after Left Brain Craft Brain

When you’re done playing for the day, run the bombs under the faucet until the paint seems to be out.  Then let them air dry for another day.  I recommend storing them in a plastic bag after they dry because the sand might make a bit of a mess.

Like unusual ways to use paint like this?  Check out the Left Brain Craft Brain Paint Pinterest board.
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