Teacher Appreciation Week

20140430-172334.jpgThe Babe’s a smart girl if I do say so myself. She didn’t get that way just because of me and her dad, though. Her preschool teachers have played a big part.

I wanted to whip up a cute craft or a batch of cookies for them to show our appreciation but I’ll be honest, it was too dang hot and I didn’t plan far enough ahead. It’s 90 degrees outside and this part of the San Francisco Bay area should be about 20 degrees cooler this time of year. So those salt dough magnets and custom cookies ain’t going to happen in a house with no air conditioning.

So instead, many thanks to Make Bake Celebrate for coming to my rescue with the cutest Smart Cookie printable. (Check out the matching royal icing cookie designs too!).  And thanks to Whole Paycheck for the “just like homemade” cookies.

It’s the thought that counts, right? And we think so highly of The Babe’s teachers.  Thanks to all the teachers out there this week!  You’re making a big difference in every kid’s world.

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