Earth Day Science Activities for Kids

Earth Day is coming up and it’s a perfect time to learn some Earth Day STEM.  Here are some Earth Day Science Activities for Kids like water pollution play, biosphere building, recycled STEM and more.

Teach kids about the earth with these fun and educational Earth Day Science activities.

Earth Day Science Activities

layers of the earth pudding cups

Planned for You Earth Day Fun

Want your Earth Day learning activities wrapped up in an easy-to-use pack? Join STEAM Explorers!  Join us as Renew, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with STEAM in April. This month’s issue is filled with four weekly (and Earth-friendly!) themes that get kids thinking about the future of our planet. Everyone will love upcycling old shirts into tote bags, building litter bug bots, making bioplastic, eating garbage cookies, renewing plants, making Earth sculptures, and so much more! Plus tons of printables, reading fun, recipes, planning tools, too! You’ll love the Recycle Issue’s standards-learning that makes your day easier.

Save 25% off a subscription to STEAM Explorers just in time for Earth Day!


More Earth Day Science for Kids

chocolate rock cycle

Or maybe do some Recycled STEM projects, too!

recycled STEM projects


More Earth-Themed STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids

Looking for some more fun stuff to do during Earth Week or any time of the year? The kids will love these activities!

Recycle Activities for Kids STEAM Explorers ipad on yellow background



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