Magical Unicorn STEM Activities for Kids

Are they real? Unicorns that is. If you believe, they can be, right? So lets do some STEM and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) that makes them feel more real. Kids will love building, coding, playing and more with these fun hands-on projects!

Thank you UBTECH for sponsoring this post. JIMU Robots are a fun way to bring robotics into kid’s day to day and make the perfect gift you can feel good about gifting to the children in your lives this holiday season!

Kids will love these unicorn STEM activities like unicorn robots, unicorn science experiments, unicorn coding, and more!

Kids will love these unicorn STEM activities like unicorn robots, unicorn science experiments, unicorn coding, and more!

The Magic of Unicorns

So the funniest thing happened the other day… I totally had my mind blown. We were talking about unicorns. And whether they’re real or not. I totally want to believe they’re real and so does my daughter! Then my husband said they’re just narwhals. I was like, you mean as in another fictional creature. And he said narwhals are real. And I went WHAT??? My mind was blown.

Anyway, back to unicorns. Maybe they are real and we just haven’t seen them yet. So in the meantime, let’s do some fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) with a magical unicorn spin instead! Like unicorn robots and more cool stuff!

Magical Color Changing Unicorn Noodles

This gorgeous color-changing pasta is called Unicorn Noodles. And it’s a really cool science experiment that will make dinnertime educational!

Unicorn Color by Coding

Kids will love the challenge of this Color by Coding Unicorn Coloring Page that uses ASCII binary and decimal codes to decipher the colors in the page. It’s a fun and easy STEM / STEAM activity for home and school.

Download your Unicorn Color by Coding printable HERE.

Click here to download your printable.
Hidden Rainbow Unicorn DIY Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are pure magic! The outside has a sweet unicorn charm but science reveals the inner rainbow and fizz.

hidden rainbow unicorn diy bath bomb

Unicorn Snot Slime

Slime is really fun. Unicorn snot slime, even more fun in its rainbow boogery awesomeness. And the cool thing about slime is there’s a science lesson behind it too!

Unicorn Circuit Card

Kids can explore the power of electricity with this fun unicorn circuit card. There’s even a version of the card kids can color themselves. It’s part of our super popular Circuit Cards: Paper Circuits for Kids ebook packed with other fun designs like space, lightning bugs, holiday and birthday cards and more.

unicorn circuit card

Unicorn Robotics

Now let’s get to the really fun project. The one that my WHOLE family has been loving this month!! JIMU Robots launched a brand new Unicornbot this year. Yup, a unicorn robot. That you can build, code, and play with. My daughter went bananas when I told her what I was writing about. JIMU Robots has a ton of different models for other interests, too, like Cosmos, my other fave, but the Unicornbot was definitely the one for her.

JIMU Robots Unicornbot in glitter forest

The assembly process for the JIMU Robot Unicornbot was amazing. The whole family got into the build. I especially loved how the app walks you through each step. You know how sometimes building projects can get challenging because you only see the picture from one side? Not with the Unicornbot.  Inside the app you can rotate, enlarge, and inspect the installation steps. Total game changer for assembly.

The build phase was a super fun family activity, but then we got to play time!! The included app is filled with pre-programmed games and some special sequences that give the unicorn real personality. Did you know a sad unicorn robot can actually make you feel sad for it?? But when she dances, it totally makes you smile. To add onto the fun, we decided to build a glitter forest obstacle course that we had to code the unicorn through.

The app makes it easy to plan turns, speed, lighting up the horn, and more. My daughter found it really easy to figure out. Which I love in a robot :) We laughed so hard as we mowed down trees in the testing phase of our programs.

coding the unicornbot

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Unicornbot when we take her apart and build her into something new! JIMU Robots make the perfect gift for all kids this holiday season. Be sure to check ‘em out at Target!

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