Rainbow Prism Busy Bag

Everything’s coming up rainbows here this week.  We’re making Rainbow Slime.  And we’re splitting apart light into all of it’s glorious ROYGBIV-ness.  We’re playing with a Rainbow Prism Busy Bag.  This post contains affiliate links.

Kids can experience how prisms turn light into rainbows with a Rainbow Prism Busy Bag. It's an educational way to keep your little STEM-ist busy.

ROYGBIV Colors of the Rainbow

My childhood education had a major gap in it.  I never learned the acronym ROYGBIV.  I had learned the colors of the rainbow, even about that pesky indigo, but never called them ROYGBIV.  I remember chatting with someone my freshman year at MIT and I had to ask what it meant.  And so began the taunting.  (Yes, nerds can bully too.)  So I’m on a mission to make sure that my daughter learns it.  And what better way than through song?  And you know who sings about ROYGBIV the best?  They Might Be Giants :)  They have a whole album for kids called Here Comes Science {affiliate}.

Rainbow Prism Play

Now that my daughter and I had sung about it, it was time to create our own rainbows…  She tried it a few different ways for different effects.

Rainbow Prism Busy Bag Supplies Needed

I had put up some white foam core board for the teardrop prism to shine it’s rainbows on.  Then she pulled out the crayons and drawing her own rainbows.  I think the combo of the light, rainbows and large format were a huge hit. (Btw, I had nooo idea how hard it is to capture the rainbow from a prism with a camera. So the pictures definitely don’t do this activity justice!)

Coloring Rainbows Left Brain Craft Brain

Then she took the triangular prism and flashlight into the dark.  Here the rainbows are a little more subtle but the play seemed more fun.  Probably because it involved a flashlight.  Are your kiddos as flashlight-loving as mine? But it also involved trial & error to figure out how to hold to flashlight to create different patterns of light.

Prism in the Dark Left Brain Craft Brain

Rainbow Busy Bag Blog Hop

Like the prism busy bag?  A few blogger friends of mine have some great rainbow busy bag ideas, too.  Pop on over to see what makes them so colorful.17 Awesome Rainbow Busy Bags


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Rainbow Prism Busy Bag Left Brain Craft Brain FB

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